Online Coupon Workshop: Day Two

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If the word “stockpile” creates an image in your brain of Cold War bomb bunkers and an endless supply of canned goods, shake it off and replace it with an image of yourself with less stress and more possibilities.

Your stockpile should be built around the items your family uses the most. Think about the things you prefer: favorite meals, favorite products, and those items you need to make it through each day.

Every family’s stockpile will be different because your likes, interests and needs are different. With that in mind, consider this list of suggested stockpile items:

Suggested Stockpile
ï‚— Toilet Paper
ï‚— Paper Towels, Napkins
ï‚— Personal Toiletries
ï‚— Over-the-Counter Medication/Vitamins
ï‚— First Aid Supplies
ï‚— Cleaning Products
ï‚— Canned & Frozen Vegetables
ï‚— Baking Mixes
ï‚— Cake Frosting
ï‚— Cereal, Grits, Oatmeal
ï‚— Condiments
ï‚— Crackers, Cookies, Snacks
ï‚— Pasta & Pasta Sauce
ï‚— Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Sausage, Ham
ï‚— Dry & Canned Beans
ï‚— Canned Tomatoes & Sauce
ï‚— Rice & Potato Mixes
ï‚— Dry & Condensed Soups
ï‚— Tea Bags & Drink Mixes
ï‚— Pet Care Items

So, how do you know what the ingredients for your stockpile will be?

Make a list by category. Use the Stockpile Worksheet.
Find this worksheet at the end of your workbook or HERE.

HOMEWORK ~ Start working on your stockpile worksheet.

Do you stockpile? What are some of the items you think would be most helpful to have in your stockpile?

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