Zaycon Foods: Quality Meats at Great Prices (Or Even Free?)

About a week ago, I got the best delivery ever! 40 pounds of chicken breast! Mike of Zaycon Foods was passing through my area and brought it by for me to review. Let me tell you that it was (and continues to be) a privilege. Not only is this the biggest chicken breasts I have ever seen but it is some of the best tasting.

1/2 Chicken Breast, weighing over 1 pound!

Did you know that the chicken you see in the store can be 15 days old… or older? Did you know that it can be packed with additives, grown with hormones, and loaded with a sodium-laden chicken broth?

Zaycon Foods offers their meats and other products straight from the farm. This chicken breast was never frozen, contains no hormones or additives. The kicker? They offer their chicken for super low prices, about $1.60 per pound on average.

How can they offer such a quality product as wholesale prices?

  1. Their products are sold in bulk quantities. For instance, the chicken is sold in a 40 pound lot (with three to four bags of chicken individually placed into a larger bag and sealed to prevent a mess.)
  2. Some of the prepping is left up to you. The chicken breasts are left intact. What you typically find packaged in the store is one-half of the breast. Some of them were a little fatty but that is easy to remove. I handled it all with ease using a great pair of kitchen shears.
  3. You get the product straight off the truck. Zaycon Foods will check interest in different areas and when they have enough people who would like to make a pruchase, they open up that area for orders and then send in a truck to a parking lot where you drive through in a very organized, quick fashion and have your order put directly into your vehicle from the truck.

You thought this was great but it gets even better.

When you set up your account (no purchase necessary to get started and registration does not require a credit card), you can then refer others to Zaycon Foods and earn a $1 credit towards your purchase when they make a purchase… every time they make a purchase. There are no limits on the number of people you can refer.

There is no risk involved.

Zaycon Foods offers a warranty on their products. If you are dissatisfied with what you receive, they will arrange for a replacement or refund for the portion (or all) of the product that is unsatisfactory.

Be Watching Your Inbox for a Delivery Near You!

If Zaycon Foods is not currently delivering to your area, do not let that stop you from registering at their website. Go ahead and refer your friends too because the more people in your area show an interest, the more likely they will schedule a pick-up event near you!

When an event is scheduled, you will receive an email notifying you of the date and location and then can place an order online through their website.

Let your charitable organization use the referral rewards.

If you run a community organization or charity, you can still participate in the referral rewards program. Enlist the other members of your church, charity or organization to register for Zaycon Foods. Then, you can use the $1 per person referral rewards to purchase products to share through your own program. What a great way to feed the hungry in your community!

Need more information? Visit the Zaycon Foods website today! You can also follow them on Facebook. (Why not tell them that Penny sent you?)

Full Disclosure: I was provided a box of chicken for review but opinions in this post are 100% my own. My referral link is used in this post and I will receive the referral rewards when you use my link and make a purchase. Thank for visiting my sponsors.

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  1. Cheryl says

    Thinking about ordering – the chicken looks really good! I searched their site but couldn’t find what they feed their chickens. I’ve registered, the price is a great deal and since I followed it from your email you now have a referral. Any idea of how often a truck comes through?

    • penny says

      I’m not sure what they feed the chickens but you can always contact them and ask.

      The deliveries are based on response. The better the response, the more frequent the deliveries but from what I can see on their Facebook page, it would appear to be only a couple of times each year.

      Thanks so much for signing up!


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