Coupon Mythology: Debunking Common Misconceptions about Coupons (Part Two)

Pardon me while I take aim at some more coupon myths I hear all the time. (If you missed Part One, please be sure to go read it.)

Matching the sales advertisements to the coupons is too much work.

Stop. Did you just say that you match the sales advertisements to the coupons yourself? Save yourself some time and energy by using a website which offers coupon matchups. Personally, I use Southern Savers and would not go to the store without checking there first. She even has a Coupon Database for finding the coupons which might not be listed through the matchups.

Of course, a coupon matchup list works best for a person who organizes their coupons inserts by date.

I will just shop at Walmart because they always have the lowest price so who needs coupons!

I have tried over and over again to go to Walmart and snatch a deal. When I can go and match sales ads from other stores to make a one-stop shop, it works. But, if there are items I need that are not on sale elsewhere or perhaps that I just notice on the shelves, the prices are crazy high compared to the rock bottom sales prices which come available at other stores every six to eight weeks.

I don’t have time to clip coupons.

Couponing is not worth my time.

I hear ya. I’m busy too and there are weeks where I just cannot breathe let alone look in the direction of my coupon binder. But, when you do the math, if you save a minimum of $200 a month by using the stockpile-coupon method and you are only investing 3 hours per week, then you are paying yourself $16.67 per hour. That’s a really nice part time job!

What other coupon myths have you heard?

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