Kindergarten Workboxes ~ Week Nine (Letters X Y Z)

Franc is such an amazing kid. Don’t get me wrong. All of my children are super smart and fun and I LOVE them. I think maybe the difference for Franc is that he will be the first child I will be with from the very beginning of organized learning. Lira went to public kindergarten so I did not get to see her little mind making those first connections.

Anyway, I was tempted to start him in first grade math this week but decided to just hold off. We will begin learning to read next week and I might just spend more time on language arts and fun boxes and let math kind of simmer. I did teach him to count by 5’s though and he loves it.

One activity he did was to count off by fives on a 100 chart. He loved discovering the pattern and can now rattle them off quickly and without any manipulatives.

Letter X

You know, these last few letters of the alphabet are quite hard to plan. There are just not a lot of thematic things that start with X, but I thought we were doing okay until Bill walked in and saw this…

To me, it was obvious. X is for X-ray. Bill wanted to know why our son had made a skeleton when we do not participate in Halloween.

Maybe I should just stick to the sound that X makes and how it works with the letter E in a lot of words. Okey-dokey…

So, Franc made an X-Sounds Book from a manila file folder. I cannot help you with the cover since it was from an eBook I got for free through the Scholastic sale last week but the contents are available as a free download below.

We also played with the baby xylophone we found in the closet and Franc colored this picture from Twisty Noodle.

Letter Y

Where, oh where did my yo-yo go? We had a little scavenger hunt for the yo-yo but it was a no-go, sucked up in the abyss where all the lost toys float around as if in a worm hole.

So, I dug out the yarn from our craft cabinet and thought Franc might want to wrap a baby food jar. (I need something to do with all these jars!)

As cute as the project is, Franc could not get over his sensitivity to touching sticky things and I had to finish the project myself.

Letter Z

Zebra, zucchini, zoo… Not a lot with Z to do.

So, we talked about zebras and compared them to horses. I printed out a picture of a horse and let Franc turn it into a zebra. (Download is below.)

I think it turned out cute!

If you want to see all the fun we had, be sure to download the lesson plan which contains links to all the printables I used for our homeschool lessons this week.

Free Printables for you ~

Zebra Stripes

X Sounds

Kindergarten Lesson Plan WXYZ

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