Preschool Workboxes: G is for Gorilla, Goat and More

What a GREAT week! Ruble had lots of fun stuff in his workboxes like gorillas, goats and grapes. The letter G has never been so GIGANTIC!

G is for Goat

With fun printables from 1+1+1=1, Ruble practiced connecting uppercase G to lowercase G and more like a matching game I created by printing out two sheets of the letter G cards from the Raising Rock Stars printables.

I printed the cards, laminated them and cut them apart. One set was in black and white and the other color. You could also play this like a Memory game by flipping them over.

I pulled out a gold stamp pad and the letter stamps from Oriental Trading for some stamping fun. He grew bored with it quickly, which is unusual since he normally wants to stamp everything that will stand still long enough.

G is for Girl

Don’t tell Bill about this one. Yes, I let Ruble play with the magnetic dolls and he had fun! This is something he normally watched his sister do but to have it all to himself… heaven.

And, since we were talking about girls, this was the perfect day to use some glitter paint on a giant letter G!

G is for Giraffe

Using the Do A Dot markers and a free printable that I discovered while plundering around the internet, Ruble made this cute giraffe puppet… with some help from Mommy. He loved it as you can tell.

G is for Gorilla

Out of all the books we read during the week, Good Night, Gorilla was his favorite because of the cute printables I found and made into puppets by attaching them to popsicle sticks.

He loved matching the animals to the pages and making them march across the floor.

When he grabbed Ariary’s play keys to “unlock” the gates, I almost fell apart. How cute!!!

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  1. Morgan says

    looks great, but your photos are not showing – instead there’s a little box with question mark in them. maybe something for technical guru? (FYI – I’m viewing on a Mac like so many have.) thanks!

    • Penny says

      Thank you for letting me know, Morgan. When I combined websites, some of my images did not transfer. I will get that corrected. :)

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