Celebrating a Birthday Homeschool-Style

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Hey Homeschooler! Are you having a birthday? How about celebrating homeschool-style!

Wake to a trail of balloons leading from your bed to your present.

Unwrap your present before Dad goes to work… or before you have brushed your hair and teeth.

Get the best gift ever and look at it with a shocked expression on your face.

And, open another present that you never expected but cannot live without.

Ask your mom to make pancakes… with sprinkles!

Let everyone sing “Happy Birthday to You” while candle wax drips into your pancakes.

Have some help blow out the candles… whether you want it or not.

Practice your super jump on your new Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Kit.

Imagine sending your sister to the moon.

Share your presents with your siblings just because you are sweet like that.

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