More Fun for Your Little Pumpkins

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I am very happy with the Pumpkin Unit Lesson Plan I finalized last night, but I wanted to give you a few more ideas so you can personalize the plan to meet your family’s needs.

These great pumpkin-themed ideas are picked from my Fall (Learning) board on Pinterest. Just click the image to go visit the original website:

I always wanted to draw as a child and love showing my children how to simplify a drawing and recreate it for themselves.

I love using hands in artwork so why not use your child’s hands to make the leaves?

Make addition a tactile activity by using the pumpkin seeds as manipulatives.

My children love to paint and this is a great sensory activity, blending finger painting and “fist painting” to make a beautiful pumpkin patch.

Texture and paint come together for some really cool pumpkins by using shaving cream.

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  1. What cute ideas! Love them! :-)

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