Pumpkins! Unit Study ~ Pumpkins Lapbook

We are having a great time with our Pumpkins Unit Study this week. Honestly, it is the first time I have had all of the children working on the same topics since we began homeschooling and I really like it!

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Crayon Rubbings

To give our pumpkins some texture, we grabbed a couple of different baskets and went to work. The last time we did crayon rubbings, they obviously were not paying attention because I had to demonstrate how to hold the crayon flat, but in the end, they were very impressed with the look of their pictures.

Pumpkins Unit StudyWe cut out the textured pumpkins to be the cover of our lapbooks but as soon as I mentioned that we were going to cut them in half, the children balked. So, they became the back of our lapbooks instead.

Pumpkins Unit Study ideas

Note to self: Never tell Ruble to cut out his pumpkin and then turn to help someone else. What you will have left is this…

Pumpkins unit study lapbook

Pumpkin Parts

Pumpkin unit study lapbook

After watching the Pumpkins powerpoint, we did the pumpkin parts worksheet. (About the hat, I have no idea. Lira has taken to wearing that hat ALL. THE. TIME. I asked her if she wanted to be a cowgirl at the Fall Festival but nope. She just wants to dress like a cowgirl every day.)

Pumpkin unit study lapbook

We placed the pumpkin parts worksheet in the middle of our lapbook.

Pumpkin Patterns

Well, Ruble thought gluing the little pumpkin on the page was a ton of fun. Was there a pattern on his page? Uh, no… and yes, his shirt is on backwards. What can I say? He’s creative like that.

Pumpkins lapbook ideas

Lira loved the patterning but what child with Autism wouldn’t? I asked her if she was going make her pumpkins different colors. Her answer was, “Yes, green and orange.” That wasn’t exactly what I meant but it looks very nice.

Pumpkins lapbook lesson

Franc put the extra pieces of the worksheet to work on the cover of his lapbook. I thought that was extremely resourceful of him.

Pumpkins lapbook

I also love the way he wrote the word “pumpkins” in orange and then put green stems on them.

Other Pumpkin Activities

Pumpkins unit lesson ideas

For the glue line activity, I thought it would be fun to use glitter glue. It proved to be a bit much for Franc and Lira and they asked for help. Ruble on the other hand, decided to tackle it himself.

pumpkins unit lesson plan ideas

Lira and Franc both enjoyed the word search. I was very surprised at how well Franc did on his own. Lira is so pleased that her spelling words match our pumpkin theme.

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