7 Easy Gifts for Children to Make

gifts that children can make

One of my favorite things to do each year is to sit with the children and make a few gifts for others. Typically, I designate one or two days of our Advent calendar to making the gifts. That way, we don’t get so busy that we forget.

Some things we have done before:

  •  Journal ~ Cover a composition book with scrapbook paper. Decorate it with stickers, glitter, puffy paint, etc.
  •  Flower Pen ~ Pop the flower off a silk stem. Attach it to a ball point pen using green floral tape.
  •  Tote Bags ~ Purchase a plain tote bag in a craft shop. Using fabric paint, have the children place their handprints on the tote bag.
  •  Christmas Ornaments ~ This is a gift we repeat each year. It can be as simple as purchasing a wooden, unfinished ornament from a craft store and embellishing with paint or using beads and pipe cleaners to make intricate snowflakes.
  •  Refrigerator Magnets ~ Always a hit with grandparents, especially if the magnet has a picture of the child on it! You can paint clean jar lids or cover them in glue and dip in glitter. When it is dry, glue your child’s picture to fit the middle of the lid. Attach a magnet to the back.
  •  Garden Stones ~ Purchase a kit or do it yourself. Have children place their handprints into wet cement. Embellish with stones, marbles, shells, buttons, bottle caps, etc.
  •  Bracelets ~ String beads on elastic cording and tie.

More ideas ~

Martha Stewart has an entire gallery of gifts that kids can make.
Family Fun has a long list of kid-friendly crafts that would make great gifts.
Kaboose has a short list of ideas but some of them I have not seen in other places.

Not a crafty person? No bother! On years when I am just too busy to make something from scratch, I stop by a craft store and pick up a kit. The kids still have fun and we still have something nice to give.

What are your children making this year?

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