Free Thanksgiving Unit Study Lesson Plan and Printables

Gathering resources from all over the internet and from our local library, I have pulled together a Thanksgiving Unit Study that I hope will be as much fun as the Pumpkins! Unit Study.

Free printable Thanksgiving unit study with 4 day lesson plan and free printables

The Thanksgiving study includes free printables and four days of active study with each day focusing on a different aspect of the holiday:

  • Monday ~ The History of Thanksgiving
  • Tuesday ~ The Pilgrims & the Native Americans
  • Wednesday ~ All About Turkeys (and their role in Thanksgiving)
  • Thursday ~ Giving Thanks to God

Then, I have a list of projects that I will scatter throughout the week and probably through to Thanksgiving week.

Free Thanksgiving Printables for You ~

Thanksgiving Unit Study


Thanksgiving Tic Tac Toe

Thanksgiving Matching

Turkey Do A Dot


My Thanksgiving Book (without pictures)

My Thanksgiving Book (with pictures)

Thanksgiving Spelling Word Search

Thanksgiving Spelling Story (If you use the Word Search list for spelling this week)

free homeschool Thanksgiving unit study


Other Thanksgiving Unit Study resources ~

More printables ~

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  1. says

    Thank you for sharing so many different Thanksgiving links to printables in the same place. I’ve been blog surfing and realized my plan book for tomorrow is blank, YIKES!!! You’re blog has set me back on the path to productive planning. Thank you!

  2. Becky says

    Tabitha, this looks great! I pinned it. Do you mind including my free Thanksgiving printables in your list at the end? I can send you the links if that’s ok.

  3. Sharon Bishop says

    Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and Pumpkin Study Units!! I am so excited to share these with my younger kids. :-)


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