Making and Selling Homemade Dog Treats

Today, please welcome Chris from Food Thoughts of a Chef Wannabe. She contacted me with her success story, sparked by an idea she had after reading one of my posts and I asked her if I could share it with my readers as an encouragement. Thanks, Chris, for saying YES.

Making and selling homemade dog treats was inspired completely by “Meet Penny.” A few weeks back Tabitha posted a blog about ways to make some extra cash for holiday shopping.

How one lady boosted her income by making and selling homemade dog treats.

I write a food/recipe blog and had decided that dogs need some extra holiday love too! So, I decided to make peanut butter dog cookies and blog about them. They were so easy, and the dogs went nuts over them. That was probably 3 weeks ago.

This past Friday night, I was laying in bed thinking about how I could make some extra money. It occurred to me, being a dog person myself, that people who love their dogs will buy them anything! I wondered if I made bags of these dog treats, could I sell them?

I got up in the morning and emailed my idea to two of my sisters who are teachers. They were all in! They each emailed my idea to their entire schools, and I am currently sitting on a HUGE amount of orders for dog treats.

I am putting twelve in the small dog size and six in the medium-large dog size in each bag. I am selling them for $3.50 a bag. My cost for 50 bags will be covered in the sale of 2 bags. How cool is that?!?!

With the amount of orders I have, my husband’s wheels are turning. He thinks, “We may have something here.”

We lost our dog a couple of years ago and he was like our other child. So in his honor, because he was a 140lb black lab, we are calling these homemade dog cookies, “Toby Treats,” although in my original blog they are called “Lucy and Ava’s Favorite Peanut Butter Tookies.”

Never underestimate what you can do! Regardless of if it is for your family, for yourself for others, you can do anything. I may not become a millionaire, but I am going to give my family a great Christmas, and maybe a nice relaxing pedicure for myself! After all, all that time on my feet are bound to leave “my dogs barkin!”

Merry Christmas!

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