Re-Organizing Our Homeschool Space

We do not have a dedicated homeschool room and live in a very small home. I have to creative about where I store homeschool stuff.

When I moved my stockpile from my white pantry cabinet onto the new bookcase, I suddenly had this cabinet that begged to help me get organized. My eyes shifted from the white, empty cabinet to the cabinet in the kitchen bursting with art supplies. Every time I would take something out, I would have to quickly shut the cabinet to avoid an avalanche. It was pitiful.

So, I took everything out.

I thought about using shoeboxes but them realized that I had our empty workboxes (purchased from the Dollar Tree) and they were a perfect fit.

I was so thrilled with the finished result. I can find everything I need in an instant. Plus, I have a gorgeous, empty cabinet in my kitchen now.

Energized, I moved on to the hall closet where we store all the learning toys, manipulatives, and board games.

On the door, we have a pantry organizer which comes in super handy for adding space and it is perfect for putting the miscellaneous bags of items that do not stack well. Everything else went into the stacking shelves with the exception of a few items (like our Boomwhackers) which are in bags and hanging from clothes hangers on the closet rod.

Organizing Homeschool

My files remained in the bottom of our hutch.

Since we will be moving soon and I might need to change everything, I would love to know how you keep everything organized.

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  1. says

    I had the same storage problems. When you homeschool, you aquire so much learning material. What I did was go on craigslist and find a cheap (I paid $10), 6 drawer dresser. I painted it to match our decor, then stenciled on the front of the drawers. Each drawer has a function. On the top two I stenciled my daughters names,then theirs a drawer for my files, teaching planner, etc. Then a craft drawer, game drawer, educational drawer with foam clocks, flash card, etc. On the top of the dresser, I put matching bins ($ Store), and I have a little homeschool station! :) It really works for us! :)

  2. Jennifer says

    Organized? I am a living example of entropy in homeschooling! 😉 LOL! Paper is my nemesis, books multiply like rabbits, and I can NEVER find a pen!

    Obviously, I am not qualified to comment on organization. :)

    You did a beautiful job of using what you had and making it FUNctional! :) Gold star homeschooling mama!

    • Penny says

      Oh my gosh, Jennifer! I understand the pen thing so well. And pencils! If I can find a pencil, it will not be sharpened and the kids will be asleep so that I cannot run the pencil sharpener. Maybe I qualify for the silver star? 😀

  3. says

    I just started to find a method of storing everything but not its slowly being put into boxes :( We had added shelves up high in our breezeway (stuff we don’t use daily) to clear off some book shelf space in my office as well as moving the “kid” book shelf out there. It’s amazing what a difference it made inside the house. I don’t know what the new place is going to be like because PA seems to think a 3 bedroom house should be about 900 sq feet with bedrooms that are smaller then a lot of walk in closets I have seen.

    • Penny says

      Bless your heart, Rebecca. Might be time to browse Pinterest from some small home solutions. It’s going to work out. You might have to stretch your creativity, but soon, this move will be behind you. :)


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