Teaching Fiction and Nonfiction {Free Powerpoint}

Can your child tell the difference between fiction and nonfiction?

Whoot! A complete package with powerpoint, venn diagram, and activity for FREE.

This week, we had a lesson on fiction and nonfiction books. Since Lira works better with visuals, I created a powerpoint show for her depicting the  differences. After watching the show, I gave her a fiction book and an nonfiction book. Together, we used the printable venn diagram to list what made the fiction books different and the same.

To finish the lesson, I listed out some scenarios and had her decide whether that situation would make a book fiction or nonfiction. I even let her make up some scenarios and quiz me.

This would also make a great class activity. You can tape the ovals to craft stick and have the children raise the one they think answers each scenario.

Free Fiction Non-Fiction Powerpoint and Activity

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    Thanks for sharing this great resource! I found it via Pinterest some time ago and plan on using it to during our first week of school as I plan to focus on living books with nonfiction supplements this year.

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