Teaching Your Child to Multiply (More Printables)

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Just a note to say that I have extended the Multiplication Worksheets and Fact Cards with Visual Cues to include factors of 11x and 12x but I have also been thinking of another way to help children learn to multiply.

multiplication teaching tools

free multiplication worksheetsOne suggestion made in the book Visual Supports for People with Autism: A Guide for Parents and Professionals (Topics in Autism)teaching children with autism to multiply is to  use graphic organizers when teaching a child multiplication. I have found that Lira definitely learns better when she can “see” what she is doing so I recreated the graphic organizers they suggested and have them available for you to download and print.

These graphic organizers are not necessarily for teaching your child to multiply as much as they are for teaching your child the benefits of multiplication. That is why I only made them available for 2, 3, 4, and 5. (In all honesty, I was not sure I could fit more than that on the page without it getting a bit overwhelming for the learner.)
free printable worksheets
I also recommend practicing this in a hands-on activity. Before I created the worksheets, I sat Lira down with some small plastic storage containers and plastic chips.
free multiplication worksheets
To start, I put the same number of chips in each container. Then, I wrote down the addition problem to match the groups and asked her to add them up.
Next, I explained that we can use multiplication like a short-cut for adding long lists of the same numbers and wrote out the same problem as a multiplication problem.
This is the same logic you use with the graphic organizers and I wish I had them when we worked this out. It would have been far less confusing… for both of us.

Free printables for you ~

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  1. hi, perhaps this is not the appropriate place to leave my comment. I have tried searching for your email, so I could contact you through emails. Do you mind giving me your email address? or you could email me at linglydia22(at)yahoo(dot)com ?
    I am very interested in learning more of your teaching methods with your child with special needs. (I’ve gotten so frustrated with teaching mine – the main reason being that she is non-verbal)

  2. Penny,
    I just wanted to let you know you and your site are an answer to my prayer. I am working with a wonderful child in our school who is begging for help in his own way. He has placed trust in me and I feel so inadequate to fill his needs. I was praying and searching for help, and found your site. You have provided exactly what I was looking for. I cannot thank you enough. It is generous people like you who make a real difference in this world. I hope your daughter is doing well and enjoying life. I tried to subscribe to your page, but the link was broken. When it is repaired, I will gladly sign up. I have bookmarked your page and will check in often. Again, thank you so much.

    • I am so happy I could help, and I apologize that the subscription links did not work for you. I have checked them and they appear to work fine for me.

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