Gift Ideas for Male Teachers

As a former room mother and the wife of a high school band director, I can tell you… teachers do not get enough recognition for what they do. But often, buying gifts for a male teacher can be hard.

presents for men teachers

But what do you get for your child’s teacher… especially if that teacher is a man?

Well, since I am married to one… How about a list?

Great Gift Ideas for Male Teachers

Gourmet Coffee

Not the fru-fru flavors but the strong stuff:

Coffee Mugs

Works well with the Joe mentioned above. You can personalize it with a photo of the class or make it match the subject he teaches.


Mixed nuts, summer sausage… you know… GUY food.

Restaurant Gift Cards

I know that a lot of people hate to give Restaurant Gift Cards but it really is a gift that gives twice… once in a card and once as a night out with the spouse.

Movie tickets

Again, this is a gift that gives twice because on a teacher’s budget, nights out do not come often enough. Visit Fandango to purchase gift cards and you can even choose to have them emailed.

Retail Gift Cards

My husband would freak out over a gift card to Best Buy or iTunes!

Masculine Pen Sets

Teachers always need pens and a manly ballpoint pen could get you bonus credit.

Board Games

Trivial Pursuit, Cranium, or other games related to his field.

Creative Candy Gifts

Like the ones where the candy fits into the message. “Despite all the ‘Snickers,’ you are the best teacher in the ‘Milky Way.'”

More ideas…

If nothing here strikes your fancy, consider the teacher’s specialty. For instance, my husband is a band director because he loves music, especially jazz. So, biographies of popular jazz musicians would be a great idea.

A literature teacher might appreciate an autographed first edition. The math teacher? A Vintage Chinese Wooden Bead Arithmetic Abacus. The science teacher? How about a funny science-themed t-shirt.

BAD Gift Ideas for Male Teachers

Now, there are things that are just not a good idea… EVER!

  • Wall art ~ Unless it is something for the teacher’s office. (No offense intended to those who picked out the lovely, 2 foot tall, metal microphone we received last Christmas.)
  • Girly gifts  ~ Candles, picture frames, etc.
  • Fru-fru crafts ~  Like the girly gifts above
  • Cash ~ Can you say, “Bribe?”
  • Clothing ~ Yes, this includes ties

Need more ideas?

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  1. Debbie B says

    I have to say no to the coffee mugs. My husband has been teaching for 18 years. He used to get at least 10 mugs a year. I taught for a very short time and ended up with 5…yikes.
    The best gifts that both of us have received are the letters. The letter from the parent telling me that I did a great job. My very best was a letter from a student thanking me for being her teacher and how she had changed. The letter came with a small 5×7 painting that she had painted. It is framed and hanging in my studio.
    Just my two cents worth.

    • Penny says

      I guess coffee mugs might not be the thing for everyone but I know my husband LOVES them. He has yet to receive a letter but I know that would mean a lot to him too. :)

    • Stella W says

      I agree. In 15 years of teaching, letters of gratitude from parents and students are my most appreciated gifts, and I often wish they would save their money on other things that I will never use.

  2. Bella says

    Thanks for the advice! I think I’m going to give my JROTC Captain (teacher) a mug filled with his favorite candy and a photo of us with a note thanking him for all he’s done for my Highschool career. :)

  3. Laurie says

    My daughter had a tough time getting through high school due to some extenuating circumstances, but her principal, assistant principal and several teachers really stuck by her and helped her. She graduates this Friday, a little late, but if not for their help, not at all. I really wanted to get the, something to thank them. You’re suggestions for the men are VERY helpful, as well as the suggestion that she write a letter. Thank you

    • Penny says

      The letter would be the best. Maybe my husband is a sensitive kind of guy, but he appreciates knowing that he made a difference more than anything. Congratulations to your daughter!

      • Laurie says

        We decided on a thank you letter and an iTunes gift card for the principle and home made cookies with thank you’s for her teachers. Her principle was her greatest cheerleader through this. He even ask her if he could have his picture taken with her at her graduation! My daughter’s father was killed in an accident at the beginning of her freshman year and it sort derailed her a bit. Her principle has said that she is the first person so far to successfully come back for an extra semester an see it through to graduation. Thank goodness for educators that have such dedication!!!!! They are a blessing and do make a difference in a child life.

  4. Theresa says

    As a teacher myself with a son about to enter the profession, may I suggest one step further for the letter of thanks? Send the letter to the principal, the superintendent, AND the local newspaper saying what an awesome job that particular teacher or coach has done. If you have several teachers on the list, GOOD ink pens are always needed as are homemade treats (cookies come to mind!). Add a note of thanks from you and your child. =D

  5. Rachel says

    Thank you for this…there are so many CUTE ideas all over the place and although they are great to look at and pin hoard, they are not always much more then clutter really. Having direction from real teachers..and the spouse they confide in is very welcome.
    * something practical, considerate…coffee is great but not for a tea drinker, personal, it doesn’t have to be school related eg movie tickets, that says it isn’t about dollars spent but the simple thought, thank you, you are appreciated. Is that about right?


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