DuneCraft Butterfly Glamour Garden Review (& Giveaway)

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I fell in love with DuneCraft when we first played with the Curious George Silly Squares. The fun we had was so tremendous that I contacted DuneCraft after the rest of their products and they very generously sent us a box full! I could have been selfish and kept them all to myself… I really wanted to… but, I love you guys too and I decided to share.¬†Letting the children take their picks first, I set aside (read: hid) the rest of the great learning toys.

Next, we got started with the Dunecraft Butterfly Glamour Garden. Everything you need comes right in the kit. The only thing I added was wooden popsicle sticks for stirring and planting the seeds because the seeds are VERY tiny.

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Correction: The water is not included in the kit either but I am assuming that you knew that.

The peat soil mix comes in a dry compressed disk and you add the amount of water specified in the directions and allow the disk to soak it up. Because we had restless hands, I allowed the children to use the popsicle sticks to scratch at the peat mix. We mixed it completely and then gently patted the soil down flat.

When I first opened the seed packets, I thought they had forgotten to put the seeds into paper packs. Upon closer inspection, I saw them. The packets only include a few seeds and as I mentioned before, they are very tiny. The children sprinkled the seeds as best they could and then we used the popsicle sticks to arrange them and press them very slightly into the soil.

After decorating the containers and planting the seeds, we placed the terrarium lids on the pots and found a good spot to place our Butterfly Glamour Garden. Within just a couple of days, we saw the first signs of growth.

The children had a BLAST with this kit and mommy liked that there was not a lot of mess.

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The Dunecraft Butterfly Glamour Garden is available at Amazon.com and other fine retailers.

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  1. Denise S. says:

    bluebonnets and the tops of pineapples

  2. About 2 months ago we planted FOOD!!

  3. I planted tomatoes but bugs ate ‘em up! :(

  4. Actually we haven’t planted anything in a while. We just moved into our new home. We have been doing a lot of yard work though…this giveaway looks fun!!

  5. I didn’t exactly help them. The big girls took the tots’ sensory tub full of beans (like the ones you cook.. a mixed bag) and “planted” them in the dirt under our deck. Now we have bean plants ALL.OVER.THE.YARD.

    it’s crazy

  6. Colleen says:

    The last thing we planted was bulbs. It was inside so that we could force them and have spring inside before the ones we planted outside came up!

  7. Gosh, it’s been awhile, I think maybe it was a watermelon plant last year.

  8. Jeanna Anderson says:

    Flowers for spring!

  9. Betti Caywood says:

    We have plans to plant a small flower garden in a couple of weeks!! And a few veggies too!!

  10. My 9yo loves stuff like this! We have a basil kit growing in our window sill right now!

  11. We planted lettuce, spinach, zuccini, snap peas, pansies, snap dragon flowers, and roses.

  12. Tabitha Zehner says:

    Tomatos, green peppers, and pumpkins

  13. ms. cox says:


  14. Suzanne Ruckman says:

    A pineapple top that flopped!

  15. The last thing we planted was some veggie plants last summer.

  16. We planted sunflowers last night.

  17. Leslie Williams says:

    My daughter helped me plant our veggie garden this year. She loves digging in the dirt and seeing how the different plants grow!

  18. I’m not sure what or when we’ve planted something. :blush:

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