Free Printable Homeschool Attendance Calendar

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Have you ever visited Joy at FiveJs? What an awesome resource for gorgeous homeschool printables! You really should go take a peek, especially if you are homeschooling older children through high school.

This week, Joy released a fabulous printable homeschool attendance calendar. Just as I was about to print it out, I realized that we start in June and the calendar begins in July. Bummer. So, I had to ignite my own creative juices.

free printable homeschooling organizing

My plan for using this is very similar to Joy’s idea. I will outline the dates for our school terms (quarters) in different colors using colored pencils. Then, I will use highlighters to fill the color key, marking holidays, birthdays, school days, teacher work days, field trips, and library days on the calendar as the year progresses.

Since I am required to submit my attendance records each year, this will be an easy resource to scan and email. As for tracking my goals and lesson plans, those will go directly into my Well Planned Day.

If you start your homeschool year in July or later, check out the free, printable calendar at FiveJs.

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