10 in 10: Ten Reasons My Child with Autism Loves Homeschool

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Lira, our eight-year-old with Autism, loves homeschool.

Making the decision to homeschool Lira was extremely personal and I know that homeschooling may not be right for every child on the Spectrum, although it works well for us. I love that I can give her the individual, personalized attention she needs and that… we don’t have to worry about bullies.

Recently, I asked her what sh enjoyed about schooling at home instead of at the school where she attended kindergarten for a little while. This is her top ten:

reasons to homeschool a child with aspergers

1. I get to sleep late.

If I get Lira out of bed even one minute before she is ready, the rest of the day is all downhill. This lady LOVES her sleep… just like her mommy.

homeschool for Aspergers

2. I like to cook my own lunch.

Lira loves to cook. She is not a big fan of eating and has some quirky sensitivities to textures, but by giving her freedom (with supervision) in the kitchen, she has grown brave and is eating a more diverse diet than ever before.

my child with autism loves homeschool

3. Mommy makes my math (printables) if I need help.

If Lira is struggling with a concept, I have the privilege of creating something that communicates directly to the way her mind works. Lira is very practical and super-dee-dooper visual. Her lessons have to engage her brain in a very logical manner.

why homeschool a child with autism

4. I like to play outside.

Most of our science lessons and some of our art lessons are outdoors. Whether we are watching ice melt or looking at tree bark through a magnifying glass, Lira enjoys anything outside.

why to homeschool a child with an autism spectrum disorder

5. I get to pick fun games from the homeschool closet.

Lira is also a very kinesthetic learner. We have an entire closet of hands-on learning games and manipulatives. I love the flexibility of having items available to match our lessons and to give Lira a tactile experience.

homeschooling with aspergers

6. Daddy can be my teacher sometimes.

Bill is an amazing father and a great teacher. Lira loves to sit and listen to him read books. Bill also teaches her music and Christian Apologetics.

my child with autism loves homeschool

7. I get to play with my brothers and sister whenever I want.

Our pediatrician often asks me about how Lira interacts with her siblings. I have to admit that she is an awesome, big sister. While we have moments where I have to emphasize self-control, those episodes are few and seem to be quite normal when I think about how I related to my own brother during childhood.

reasons to homeschool autistic child

8. We get to go on trips to see different places.

Lira loves to travel to see our family in South Carolina. She is also super excited about a trip in February to Florida. However, most of our field trips are right around home: the grocery store, post office, paint studio, museum, library, and park.

homeschooling aspergers syndrome

9. I can bring Princess Peach to school.

Lira loves her Princess Peach doll. Sometimes, I wonder how gray the line is between imagination and reality. 

why homeschool a child with aspergers pdd nos

10. I can wear whatever I want.

If you have an Aspie, you understand that the simple act of getting dressed can be a challenge. Some days, we stay in our pajamas and some days… MOST days… the felt, red cowgirl hat is an absolute necessity.

Why does your child love homeschooling?

I am so happy to be participating with the iHomeschool Network’s 10 in 10 and to be linking up at Many Little Blessings.

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  1. What a great list. My kids said similar reasons…and they have graduated. Actually, they didn’t say “sleep in” until I mentioned it. They all agreed

    • LOL. I just wish ALL of my children would sleep in. The other three are up before 7 AM on most days. O.o

  2. Oh, Tabitha! I could have written your post myself! I know exactly how blurry the line is between the world in their heads and reality. While the red cowgirl hat is replaced with sparkly pink princess apparel at my house, I know that you don’t leave it behind!

    And number 1: Yes. That.

    • {{HUGS}} and giggles. I know EXACTLY. I wish we could trade the hat for a tiara but I do need to be content that this week, she added a floral headband and pick bow to the red cowgirl hat. One step towards being girly. LOL

  3. What a wonderful list. It sounds like homeschooling gives her an environment that allows her to thrive. For instance, I can only imagine how public schools might waste a ton of time and energy and also cause her frustration by making her take off the red cowboy hat.

    Cooking her own lunch allows her to also learn practical skills as well as school-type skills (measuring, math, etc.)

    • We really do try to make life normal… despite the red hat. OH, that hat makes me nuts on some days! LOL

  4. Oh Penny! I sooo enjoyed reading this lovely post – photos and all. You are such a busy mama…I’m anxious to know how old your youngest is…and you homeschool the other 3? WOW! Terrific list your sweetie pie came up with. I have no doubt you are an awesome mommy & teacher! Daddy too! *-* Thanks so much for sharing this.

    • You’re such a sweetheart! My children are 8, 5, 3, and 1. All are homeschooled in some way or another. The baby doesn’t have “official” school, of course, but she learns a ton.

  5. Hi Penny,
    Just wanted to drop you a note to say a big thank you. My son just turned nine last week, he was diagnosed with severe autism at age of 3 and at 4 years was still non verbal. I am pleased to say that today with the grace of god and much hard work he is a happy chatterbox attending mainstream school. It has been a huge adjustment after 2 years of specialised school to intergrate into mainstream, and many times I have questioned my choice, however, at this point in time I feel he is where he should be and having experiences I would not be able to offer him at home as an only child. It sounds that homeschooling has been an excellent choice for your daughter and I congratulate you on your hard work and dedication. I am using your visuals to support my sons learning and finding the information you provide invaluable. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and making your visuals available for use.

    • Thank you, Sarah, for your kind words. I often think that if we did not have four children, we would need to reconsider homeschooling Lira. Having a crew of kids definitely helps her.

      Best wishes to your family. :)

  6. Rebecca Moon says:

    My 14-year-old aspie’s top 11 reasons he loves being homeschooled. He just had to add an 11th one:
    1. I can spend the whole day in my pajamas.
    2. I do not have to get up early.
    3. I do not have to travel to school.
    4. No physical education gym class.
    5. I get my school work done more efficiently.
    6. I get a better education.
    7. I am not stuck in a class full of people that were pushed together.
    8. I do not have to wear shoes all day.
    9. My time is more flexible.
    10. I get a higher quality food at home all day long.
    11. I do not have to keep hearing about “being green”

  7. Stacia Johnson says:

    I just found this post through Pinterest and I’m almost in tears! I just pulled my 9yr. old Aspie daughter out of her public school over Christmas break. We are officially starting her home-school curriculum today! Your post is like reading a page out of my own life. She is still sleeping right now and that is #1 on our list too! :) I can’t wait to read more of your blog and just wanted to thank you for making my day! I really feel good about my decision even though everyone in the school office is making me feel like I’m making the wrong one. I’m her Mommy and I know what is best for her!

    • I am so glad that I can be an encouragement to you, Stacia. Our days come with their own challenges but I know Lira is in the best place for you. May God bless you as you serve Him in your home. :)

  8. Gwen Snead says:

    My 8 yr old daughter has Aspergers and it’s like you just described her perfectly! Especially the blurring of the line between real and imaginary. She also has several other issues and health problems. She loves to be homeschooled. Even the drs agree it’s best for her. Thank you so much!

  9. Just found your blog and enjoyed this post! I have three children. Two of them have autism, one severely and the other high-functioning. This year I decided to try homeschool wit ph my high-functioning daughter and my typical one (grades k and 2). I am loving it! I don’t think I could do it with my son, but with my daughters I have been so glad we’ve tried it!

  10. I love this list!! HUGS and prayers to you, and your family!! This is why I homeschool my special needs little girl!!

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