How to Store Your Homemade Chicken Stock

freezing homemade chicken stock

Chicken stock is a must-have in my kitchen and I prefer using homemade over store-bought because: 1) Homemade chicken stock is free. 2) Homemade chicken stock is better for my family.

But, how should you store the chicken stock you have lovingly prepared?

Freezing Homemade Chicken Stock

After I have cooked my stock and removed the fat, I divide the broth into containers of various sizes.

tips for storing chicken stock

1. Freezing the stock in ice trays is extremely convenient for adding the broth to sauces or other recipes in small amounts and it will thaw quickly. I prefer to freeze the chicken stock in a tray and then pop the cubes out, storing them in a gallon-sized freezer bag.

2. Since a lot of recipes call for chicken stock in one cup increments, I always freeze some in one cup containers. Then, I remove the stock from the containers and place them in a freezer bag to conserve space in my freezer. Always remember to label and date the bag.

3. Several of the recipes I prepare regularly, such as the Sausage and Chicken Gumbo, require a significant amount of homemade chicken stock. So, I recycle 32 ounce yogurt containers for freezing stock. One thing to remember… these containers should not be microwaved and you should allow the stock to thaw in the refrigerator at least enough to remove the stock and place it in a microwave-safe dish before heating.

How long will chicken stock last in the freezer

tips for storing homemade chicken broth

In an air-tight container, your homemade chicken stock should last for 6 months in the back of a refrigerator freezer or up to 12 months in a deep freezer. After that, it will begin to lose its flavor but does not pose a health-risk.

Storing homemade chicken stock in the refrigerator

When I make a fresh batch of chicken stock, I keep one 32 ounce container in the refrigerator. If you have thoroughly strained the stock to remove all solids, the broth should remain good in your refrigerator for about a week although I try to use it within 4 days.

How to you store your homemade chicken stock?


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  1. says

    That is a really good idea to store in 1 cup increments for recipes. I’ve done the ice cube tray and sometimes I just pour into a quart sized freezer bag. I wait until it has cooled before I pour into the freezer bag.

    • Penny says

      Oh, Tracy! I needed you about three hours ago. I was trying to find containers for my most recent batch of chicken stock and could not figure out where to put it all. LOL Thank you so much for this idea. I am sure it will help me in the future.

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