First Day of School Traditions

Whether you homeschool, private school, or public school, getting back into your routine can be a special celebration instead of a dreaded inevitability with first day of school traditions.

Love that these are completely doable and has a list of ideas from real moms.

We started back to homeschool after our short summer break a couple of weeks ago and as I do each year, I took pictures of the children seated by the piano. I cannot believe how much they have changed in just one year.

1st Day of School Pictures

first day of school traditions

Lira ~ 3rd grade

Click here to see her curriculum.

first day of school traditions ideas

Franc ~ 1st Grade

Click here to see his curriculum.

first day of school traditional ideas

Ruble ~ Preschool

Click here to see his curriculum.

first day of school family traditions

Ariary ~ Watching & Playing

Amazing how much they grow! Just a reminder for me to take advantage of every moment because time passes quickly.

Special Pancakes

We do not have a lot of first day traditions but among the few, we have special meals.

Breakfast is always pancakes with sprinkles. These are super-simple and the kids love them.

Just drop a few sprinkles on the pancakes before you flip them. Sprinkle a few more over the pancakes before you place the plates on the table.

Some years, I will even give them cookie cutters.

1st day of homeschool traditions

The children get to pick what we have for dinner and this year, it was spaghetti.

Other 1st Day of School Traditions

I’ve been asking our Facebook friends to share their traditions for the first day of school and here is what they suggest:

Shellie C ~ We take pictures outside the door with our address number showing. We have moved a few times and this way we can remember the house and what year it was. I also take a picture of them at the desk and with their teacher on the first day of school and the last day of school, so we can see how much they have grown. This will be my son’s last year for Elementary and my daughter;s last year of high school. I still cry for them the first day of school! This will be really hard for me this year!!!

Heather M ~ Kiss them…even the big 20 year old going to college and the squirmy 13 year old on his first day of high school.

Marsha G ~ I take a picture of them. We also pray on the way to school, which is something we try to do everyday.

Elizabeth P ~ We go out for breakfast (McDonalds), then I get a latte. I take pictures of breakfast, of the kids with their schoolbooks, and of them doing their schoolwork.

Karen L ~ My husband started the tradition of taking everyone out to breakfast before school. The first year I was terrified! It was my first day of teaching too. What if they spilled on their school clothes? What if we were served slowly and were late? What if… You get the idea? Well we did it anyway and it is a much anticipated tradition. Now all my friends look forward to the group picture of our annual breakfast and so do I!

Stephanie B ~ We do pictures and then for supper we have a big celebration (with pizza).

Nicki B ~ Pics in their new school clothes with their new backpacks and no chores for that afternoon/evening.

Rainbow R ~ Our first day we spend going over what we want to cover that year as well as fun things like art projects and science projects.

Rebecca J ~ We normally give her a book we wrote in. Like the night before first grade or this last year was a homeschool book. I have to find one for this year.

Shelly I ~ Dad took the day off so we are starting off with a family field trip!

What are your traditions for the first day of school?


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