Angry Birds Theme Birthday Party

angry birds themed party ideas

Franc turned 5 years old in September and he asked for an Angry Birds birthday party. Since he has not had a birthday party of his own (we normally give the kids a party together) in years, I decided to do a really good job. I wanted the entire experience to be special for him.

We started two week before the party letting him count down the days.

birthday party ideas for angry birds theme

I found a picture of the entire Angry Birds gang on the internet and printed it. Then, I glued it to a piece of construction paper and created a chain with alternating colors. Every night before bed, Franc was able to cut on chain off the countdown and we counted how many days were left before the big party.

Angry Birds Party Favors

party favors for angry birds theme

Since we kept the party kind of small, I wanted something cute for the goodie bags. I purchased a package of red cellophane bags from Walmart and picked up a box of Angry Birds adhesive bandages for each child. The bags also included a small Angry Birds notepad (from the clearance aisle in Walmart), a pack of Angry Birds gummy snacks, and a printable Angry Birds WAR game. The bags were tied with curling ribbon and I use an Angry Birds cupcake ring as a decorative touch.

free printable angry birds masks

I saw an adorable idea on Pinterest for Angry Birds masks but when I clicked through to visit the website, I could not find the correct post. Talking about a huge disappointment.

So, I decided to create my own printable masks, printed them on cardstock, reinforced the hole, and used an elastic string to make them fit each child’s head. (You can find this FREE printable below.)

Angry Birds Party Food

I wanted the children to create their own edible Angry Birds game. So, I filled the table with goodies and let them go crazy.

  • Red Bird = Red tomatoes
  • Big Red Bird = Strawberries
  • Yellow Bird = Sliced cheese
  • Blue Bird = Blueberries
  • Black Bird = Black Olives
  • Green Bird = Cucumber slices with baby carrots
  • Pigs = Kiwi, Green Grapes
  • Fort construction materials = Rice Krispie Treats, cheese puffs, pretzel rods
  • Bird nest = Chow mein noodles coated in chocolate candy coating
  • Bird eggs = Peanut butter M&Ms
Of course, I had homemade chili with a chili fixing bar for the adults as well as “pigs in the blanket.” And…. cake!

I made the cake myself and loved every minute of it! The little Angry Birds figures for the cake came from (I must admit that the item is not advertised correctly. I received key chains instead of regular figures but contacted the company through Amazon and complained. They tried to persuade me to be happy with the key chains but when I mentioned they were a hazard to my small children, the company happily found the correct figures and mailed them to me 2-day Priority Mail.)

The Angry Birds cake was chocolate cake with chocolate icing. The filling was peanut butter cream and the edge was Whoppers. Oh yeah.

To construct the fort, I used Rice Krispie Treats and toothpicks. Despite my best efforts, the pigs fort collapsed before it was time to have cake and ice cream but everyone assumed that I planned for it to look like the fort had been attacked. Ummm… sure I did.

For the slingshot, I used two pretzel rods and melted chocolate morsels. The rubber part of the slingshot is actually a Starburst candy chew that I microwaved for about 3 seconds and flattened.

Angry Birds Party Decorations

angry birds themed birthday party ideas

I ran out of time so the decorations inside the house were very minimal but outside we hung balloons from the trees decorated with these cute free printables. The children were squealing so loudly that our neighbor had to come see what was happening.

Angry Birds Party Games

On party day, each child was given an Angry Birds mask of their choosing and was allowed to draw on an Angry Birds coloring page until the rest of the guests arrived. Since it was lunch time, everyone made their own Angry Birds course from the food first.

angry birds party games activities ideas

I had decorated a poster with green pigs printed off the internet. We used a slingshot with tennis balls to shoot the pigs and while the children had fun, I think this activity was a little too difficult for most of them since it was a REAL slingshot and the afternoon was HOT.

Due to the heat, we skipped the can knock down and the hunt for golden eggs. Even without those two games, the children just enjoyed being with one another and Franc had a blast. Good enough for me.

Free Printable for You ~

free angry birds printable masks party favor

Printable Angry Birds Masks

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  1. says

    This looks AMAZING! My almost 4 year old has been asking for an Angry Bird birthday theme, too. The child lives and breathes Angry Birds!! I found some figures at Target last night for the top of my cake; but I don’t think my cake will look as beautiful as yours. I also LOVE the masks! Thanks for sharing. Pinned and Tweeted.

    • Penny says

      Thank you, Becky. We had such a fun time. I am trying to make the party different for Angry Birds Space but I am finding it hard because this party was so easy. Enjoy!

  2. Rita says

    Thanks for the FREE printable masks. Our son Andrew will be 5 April 1st and he wants an angry bird space birthday party. Your cake was AMAZING and we love the countdown idea…will use that for sure.

  3. Missy says

    THANK YOU!!! The angry mask template is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!! I needed something simple and quick, because I am NOT an expert at sewing! lol My boys are SO excited!! 😀


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