Bad Piggies Theme Birthday Party

fun bad piggies angry birds party activities

After the smashing success of the Angry Birds birthday party in September, Ruble decided that he wanted an Angry Birds party too. Well, that would not be much fun to blog about twice, would it? So, when he changed his mind to the new Bad Piggies game, I felt a rush of enthusiasm… until I realized the game was so new that NO ONE has written out any ideas for it yet.

Alrighty then. Now you get to see that the majority of my creativity really does come from Pinterest, but dull imagination aside, I think the party ended up being really cute. The Bad Piggies party did not cost too much either. And, Ruble was happy. Perfect scenario.

Bad Piggies Party Decorations

Pigs are green. That color was obvious. King Pig’s crown is yellow. Now we had two colors to work with and I just happened to have the green and yellow streamers already in my stash of party supplies.

I created a cascade or streamers and balloons over our dining room light fixture. Sorry for the absence of a picture but just think about a tent because that is what it ended up looking like with streamers and curling ribbon flowing over the light and the balloons snuggled around the chain.

Much to my relief, Amazon had a table cover and dessert plates available with just the pigs from Angry Birds so it matched our theme. Normally, I go with solid colored plates because they are cheaper and even though we still had solid green dinner plates, I needed more pigs and the dessert plates were a perfect solution.

angry birds bad piggies birthday party theme

Bad Piggies Party Food

I was thinking about serving pulled pork sandwiches with slop (a trail mix assortment of goodies) and barbecue pork & beans until Ruble suggested we make our own sandwiches since the pigs build their own vehicles. Isn’t he smart?

Build Your Own Sandwich Bar

  • Whole wheat buns
  • Deli sliced meats: roast beef, turkey, and ham
  • Deli sliced cheese: cheddar and swiss
  • Condiments: Dijon mustard, yellow mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, ranch dressing
  • Relish: banana pepper slices, dill pickle wedges, hamburger sliced dill pickles, green olives, black olives, sliced jalapeno
  • Vegetables: sliced cucumbers, broccoli, baby carrots
  • Chips & Dip
  • Green & red grapes

Bad Piggies Cupcakes

Instead of a big birthday cake, Ruble wanted cupcakes with his ice cream. I put on my thinking cap and got to work designing. I have to admit that I was prepared for failure and purchased a set of Angry Birds figures from Amazon that contains a lot of pigs… just in case.

The basic pig cupcakes were made by spreading icing onto the cupcake and then pressing the cupcake upside down into a pile of green sugar crystals.

For the snout, I cut large marshmallows in half and dipped them in green candy coating, pressing upside down chocolate chips on top for the nostrils. Small marshmallows were dipped as well to become the ears. When it comes to the eyes, I was blessed to have some candy eyes leftover from last year’s designer gourmet apples.

King Pig Cupcake

This big boy was the most difficult but also the most fun to create.

angry birds pig cake

Using two small prep bowls, I baked rounded cupcakes. I sliced off the hump and used icing to glue the cupcakes together into a ball. The next step was the messiest. I had to coat the entire ball in green candy coating. Honestly, I thought I would only have to do this once. Ha, ha. I was wrong.

After the first coat dried, I applied more green candy coating and allowed it to dry until the surface was only slightly damp. Then, I pressed the snout onto King Pig and as if angels sang, as I pressed the snout a mouth seemed to form. I should have told you that I planned it that way and you would think, “Wow. She is REALLY good.”

Once the ears and eyes were applied, I put King Pig in the refrigerator to finish setting… and completely forgot that he needed a crown until 30 minutes before the party. Using a  paring knife, I sliced a small slit in King Pig’s head. I made a crown from yellow cardstock and left a tab to push into the slit. Perfect… at least I think so.

Now, a word of warning… King Pig is HEAVY. I positioned him on top of a cupcake and he squashed it. So, my advice is to put him on a box. A firm, cardboard box.

Bad Piggies Angry Birds birthday cake

Even so, when it came time to blow out the candle, no one cared that King Pig was leaning back on his flattened, devil’s food cake throne.

Bad Piggies Party Favors

Bad Piggies themed birthday party games goodie bags

Each of the children received an adorable water bottle that I purchased from Amazon… and forgot to photograph. My logic behind the sports bottle was that not only did it serve as a party favor but it saved me from buying juice boxes.

Since I felt weird not having a goodie BAG, I used plain brown lunch bags and taped a pig cutout on each one. Inside the bag was Angry Birds gummies and then the children used the bags to gather loot from the pinata.

Making a Pull String PIGnata

I never recommend buying a pinata when you can make one. But… Ruble saw it. His eyes glazed over and the tremors started at his hands, working their way through his entire body until it was a full-blown HAPPY DANCE.

Do not buy this pinata… or PIGnata as Ruble called it… from Amazon or anywhere online. Walmart had it for $17 which is a HUGE discount over every other place I saw it for sale. (Oh gosh, please don’t tell me if you find it for cheaper.)

Ruble was thrilled… until it rained. So, I cut a trapdoor in the bottom, used a piece of packaging tape on the inside to secure it, and attached a long piece of curly ribbon. Then, I added other pieces of curly ribbon all over the bottom. The children took turns pulling a string until one pulled the magic trap door. Candy hit the floor.

Another fun activity for the kiddos… they each got to build their own Bad Piggies contraption. While I am blushing to admit it, this was a completely free party activity because I used a lot of our recycling materials: cardboard boxes, water bottles, scrap piece of aluminum foil… and a bunch of art supplies I already had on hand: construction paper, packaging tape, pipe cleaners, clothespins, red balloons.

I am not kidding when I say that the children spend over 30 minutes letting their imaginations run wild.

The party was incredibly fun and easy. Ruble had an amazing time and didn’t want his birthday to end until he realized that a Phineas and Ferb birthday would be a lot of fun for next year. I better get to planning now.

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  1. whitney says

    you did an amazing job! and as SUPER impressed as i am with the cupcakes i was really smiling when i saw what you did with the PIGnata…i love the idea of each pulling a string instead of hitting it inside the house, this is probably a safer game for younger kids too. :) good work mama!

    • Penny says

      Thank you, Whitney. You are so right that it is much safer. One of our young guests was used to busting a pinata and actually HID behind a chair when we brought it out. She was so relieved that no one had a bat.


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