Teaching Children About Nutrition

free homeschool printable myplate worksheets

Today, we are talking about nutrition, which is lesson five in Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology. While The Homeschool Scientist and I might have taken a week off, I am coming back stronger than ever. Must be all the vitamins I have been eating. Or, it could be because I have been waiting for this lesson for a long time!

Free nutrition lesson printables

After studying the text, discussing the food groups in detail, and looking through videos on YouTube, I brought out some new printables.

home school nutrition lesson plan

Free Choose MyPlate Printables (PDF)

With the Choose MyPlate Printables, you have a lot of flexibility:

  1. Use the cards to have the children sort the food groups
  2. Color the plate according to the key, matching the Choose MyPlate standard at the USDA website
  3. Allow the children to create their own meal plan by putting the cards on the plate

Apologia homeschool home school science

Lira had a great time pretending like she was shopping and eating. If only she would try some of these foods in real life…


free nutrition printables homeschool lesson

Vitamin Matching Printable (PDF)

Matching the vitamins to the source and part of the body aided by those nutrients was a great review of what we learned in the textbook, Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology.

I placed a lot of focus on the healthiest food being the food that is closest to the way God created it. At first, this was a confusing concept for the children and I had to make them think about the Garden of Eden and what was grown there.

free homeschool apologia anatomy lesson

Healthiest Food Choice (PDF)

Shopping for nutritious  foods

You have got to practice what you learn, right? So, we gathered the children and headed off to the grocery store. Divided into teams, each group had a grocery list. The goal was to find the healthiest items we could and still match the needs for our scavenger hunt. Our definition of nutritious food is a food that is as close as possible to the way God created it.

free nutrition lesson printables

Healthy Food Scavenger Hunt (PDF)

I think the girls had a definite advantage since Mommy knows the store so well and Lira has been paying attention during our lessons, but the boys definitely lost since they picked up honey wheat bread instead of whole wheat bread. SCORE!

Apologia Anatomy Lesson 5

While we did this scavenger hunt in a store, you could easily have a child do this in your home. Just make sure you plan ahead and have something for each item on the checklist before sending your child through your refrigerator.

And a classic nutrition video

While searching for videos about nutrition on YouTube, I got a big giggle from this old video and had to share it before signing off today. Enjoy!

Video embeded.

Other resources for teaching nutrition

Free printables for you

Don’t forget to swing by The Homeschool Scientist and see what they did this week as they studied nutrition.

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  1. says

    Love the printables! We are totally doing the scavenger hunt next time we go to the store! What a great way to get the kids to practice what they have learned this week.

    • Penny says

      Thanks, Marci. :)

      The scavenger hunt was a blast. I think the other customers enjoyed it as much as we did. There were smiles everywhere we went.

  2. says

    Thanks! These are wonderful worksheets. I’m always looking for material to reinforce science lessons. Thanks for the boost! :)

    One note: For “old-school” grammarians, the “healthiest-food” printable should be the “more-healthful-food” printable, and the question should be: “Which is more healthful?” (It’s not colloquial, but it would be more technically correct.) 😉 In simpler terms: People who eat healthful foods are healthy. So: “Which healthful foods make me healthier?” And: “Circle the food in each group that is the most healthful (or would make me healthiest).”

    Thanks again!

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