Nervous System Lesson with Printable Game

Welcome to Lesson Nine of Science Saturday as we study the Nervous System with Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology and The Homeschool Scientist.

Free Printable Game to help study the Nervous System from with Apologia Anatomy

This week, I sat scratching my head and considering ways I could make the nervous system fun. I imagined creating messenger system within our living room where we passed index cards along string suspended from the walls and ceiling. When I realized what a spider web (and humongous mess) that would become, I quickly shifted to a different hands-on project idea.

The Nervous System Messenger Game

To create this lesson, you will need:

Nervous System study resources

We started in the textbook for Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology but also looked through the First Human Body Encyclopedia because I want to children to learn to check multiple sources before accepting something as fact.

Nervous System Unit Study

Next, we traced Ruble’s body shape on large paper and cut string and tape to represent the nervous system for Nervous Nellie.

Nervous System Study Ideas

Once we had Nellie’s outline, it was time to build the nervous system. The children placed the brain and one long string for the spinal cord. We taped shorter strings with one end attached to the spinal cord and the other flowing outward through the body.

Nervous System Building Activity

With tape on the back of the organs and body parts, the children then completed our flat model of the body and we were ready to play the Messenger game.

Just a note to say that I never claimed to be a digital artist so don’t make fun of the kidneys I made… even though they are quite sad-looking. Oh, and please forgive that stomach. I worked with what I could find available for free.

How to play the Nervous System Messenger Game

The purpose of the game is to trace the message from where it starts to the brain and out to the organ or part where the task needs to be completed.

nervous system lesson ideas with printable game

I allowed each child to take turns picking a card and they had to think about what the message meant and where the starting place would be on our body. They demonstrated the path the message would take through the nervous system by passing the card over the paper model all the way to the brain. Then, they reversed the motion to simulate having the brain pass the message back to where it needed to go.

I have to admit that I am pretty proud of myself for actually coming up with an original – I think – idea and not depending on Pinterest for help. Might not ever happen again.

Nervous Nellie is now taped to the wall and waiting for next week’s lesson.

Free printables for you ~

nervous system lesson unit study printables

DOWNLOAD: Nervous System Messenger Game

Additional Nervous System Lesson Resources

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  1. Carrie Jo says

    Ohhh my! I LOVE it! What an ingenious idea!!! Passing on to my mom (who still has two youngers at home) and saving the idea for myself to use with my kiddos! =) By the way, my Mum used (and still uses) Apologia science curriculum with us kids… we all love it! (And in my opinion MUCH better than A Beka, lol!) Can’t wait to use it with my children!!!

  2. Lawana says

    WOWZA you have an amazing brain Tabitha (is that right). Mine would have never come up with anything like that. LOL It looks like something that would help ME learn about the nervous system. LOL

  3. says

    This is an awesome idea. I wish I could be so creative. Kudos to you. I will use this with my grandson, he will love it.

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