Books for Children with Autism

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Books for children with Autism

If you have a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and have been looking for books that might help you explain their condition or help you with specific problems, here are a few from my personal collection that I recommend:

Sensitive Sam by Marla Roth-Fisch

Sam has Sensory Processing Disorder. Through this book of delightful illustrations, you follow Sam through some of his frustrations and visit the Occupational Therapist. Sensitive Sam: Sam’s Sensory Adventure Has a Happy Ending is very affirming to the child with sensory issues (and the parent).

Ellie Bean the Drama Queen by Jennie Harding

In the book, Ellie Bean the Drama Queen: A Children’s Book about Sensory Processing Disorder, Ellie overreacts because of her sensory issues. Through the book, we get to see how Ellie Bean learns to cope with her Sensory Processing Disorder.

Ashi’s Gift by Annie Eskeldson

Look through the eyes of a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in Ashi’s Gift. Written by a homeschooling mother to children with Autism, you and your child will love this book.

Ashi: In a Class All By Myself by Annie Eskeldson

Homeschooling a child with Autism can be a challenge for me. Ashi: In a Class All By Myself is important because we often think that removing our child from a classroom will solve the problem. Ashi gives us a peek into what can really happen.

Ashi’s Birthday & Other Dreaded Days by Annie Eskeldson

Children with Autism react differently to “special” days. Actually, they become quite dreaded since their routine is turned upside down. Ashi’s Birthday and Other Dreaded Days explains why these days can be so difficult.

Do you have any favorite books for children with Autism?

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  1. I love Ashi’s Birthday because it can do the talking for me and show others what holidays are like for my son. I also love My Friend with Autism for the same reason. When My Worries Get Too Big is a great picture book for helpu ng spectrum kids self-regulate.


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