Using All About Reading Curriculum for Kinesthetic Learners

All About Reading is a perfect fit for visual, kinesthetic learners. If you have an active child, come check out this #homeschool curriculum! #MommyTimeParty giveaway 5/14 - 5/24

I want to say right from the start that I am not being paid for this review although I do have a partnership with All About Learning Press. Why am I telling you that? Because this review GLOWS and I want you to know that these are my personal opinions. I mean every word. This curriculum REALLY is as good as I am about to tell you.

When Franc was struggling to read, I started asking my friends for suggestions. What would be a good curriculum for a very active, very smart, very visual 5 year old? At the same time, I was given the opportunity to review All About Reading. This homeschool curriculum is not a good curriculum for busy, tactile children… it’s GREAT.

Immediately, Franc loved reading lessons. It was a sudden and refreshing shift in our daily homeschool routine. Gone was the monotony of having to bribe him to complete worksheets. He would beg, even on the weekends to have school.

All About Learning Press homeschool curriculum works for kinesthetic and visual learners. #MommyTimeParty giveaway 5/14 - 5/24

Why All About Reading Works for Active & Visual Learners

Everything about All About Reading is geared towards a hands-on learner. For Franc, his attention deficit tendencies made it almost impossible to keep his attention for even ten minutes. However, with All About Reading, he can use his hands while he uses his mind.

The letter tiles, flash cards, games, and activities… even the progress chart… keep Franc busy and motivated to learn more.

All About Reading is a perfect fit for visual, kinesthetic learners. If you have an active child, come check out this #homeschool curriculum! #MommyTimeParty giveaway 5/14 - 5/24

How All About Reading Works for Busy Moms

Homeschooling four children ages 9 and under while running a business from home can be very stressful. I realized that my days of trying to create my own curriculum was not at all practical. As a matter of fact, I was wasting my time. By investing in All About Reading, I create more time in my day.

All About Learning Spelling and Reading curriculum is super easy to teach because the lessons guide you set by step. Setting up for school time takes seconds, and the lessons only take a few minutes.

All About Reading is a perfect fit for visual, kinesthetic learners. If you have an active child, come check out this #homeschool curriculum! #MommyTimeParty giveaway 5/14 - 5/24

For our family, our lessons with All About Reading works like this:

  1. Check the list of tiles and cards or readers needed for the lesson and pull them out of the bag.
  2. Sit down with Franc and review the flash cards from the previous lesson.
  3. Start the new material.
  4. Let him put a sticker on his chart.
  5. Read together in the evenings for about 20 minutes.

We spend more time snuggling with a book to read than we do with curriculum and formal lessons. At the same time, Franc is getting everything he needs and his literacy is improving daily.

How to Purchase All About Learning Curriculum

If you would like to take a closer look at the spelling and/or reading curriculum published by All About Learning Press, you can visit them online. They offer reading curriculum for pre-readers through level four. The spelling curriculum is to be used after a child completes level one in All About Reading.

If you need more information, they have a list of frequently asked questions available.

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  1. says

    I have read numerous of glowing praises on this programme. Unfortunately it is far too expensive for the shipment alone to my country. Are there any ways to create my own lessons that are close to this special programme?

  2. kellie w says

    We’ve used all about spelling for years and love it. Looking forward to giving all about reading a try with my youngest…after looking over the homepage, I’m sure that we will be investing in the zebra:).

  3. Jessica A. says

    I love all the articles and tips that they share on their blog! I especially enjoyed reading “Language Arts in my household”.

  4. Jessica A. says

    I love all the articles and tips that they share on their blog! I especially enjoyed reading “Language Arts in my household”.

  5. Becky Rider says

    We have been seriously getting both All About Reading and All About Spelling for our homeschool. I guess I didn’t realize until now you could buy zebra along with your materials. How fun!

  6. Rebecca R. says

    I like the idea of the phonogram cards and the phonogram bingo being used together…a more fun way to learn those phonograms!

  7. Stacie J. says

    I am getting ready to order All About Reading and All About Spelling. Would love to win this to help us out!

  8. Tara S. says

    I am very interested in the All About Spelling program because we haven’t implemented a spelling program yet. I liked on their website that they pointed out that this is a comprehensive, “open and go” program. Its looks easy to teach but very effective.

  9. says

    I noticed that they’re hoping to have AAR out later this year. Oh I hope they do! We’re in the middle of AAR 2 right now and *love* it!!

  10. Tracie W says

    I noticed -and love- that you don’t have to buy the complete Interactive kit if you want to do both AAR and AAS!

  11. Melissa Ott says

    I have been eying All About Reading for some time now, but haven’t been able to scrape together the money to spring for it yet. My kindergartener has been doing great with our current program, so I haven’t been too worried about it yet. :) However, my three-year-old has a speech delay, which puts him at increased risk of dyslexia. I love that this program has been proven to help kids with dyslexia learn how to read! I would LOVE the chance to try out their pre-reading program with my son, and probably will within the next couple of years when my son is ready to start preschool or kindergarten.

  12. Tracey M. says

    I noticed that if you sign up for the Teaching Tips newsletter you’ll get access to free downloadables. They have a blog with helpful articles. there’s even a spelling and a reading resource center where readers can find informative articles and videos. I love AAS and would love to try AAR. I still need to give the placement test to my daughter so if I won I would purchase the nest AAS level. thank you for the opportunity.

  13. kelly tillotson says

    i like the idea of the letter tiles. i was going to buy letter tiles to use with an free spelling curriculum i found online, but id much rather win this! ive read so many positive reviews about all about learning!
    thanks for the chance

  14. Kate says

    Your son is adorable, even when he picks his nose! haha I really want to begin using AAR levels with my 2 but may have to settle for just AAS due to funds. Soooo, I’m entereing every contest I can because I see the value of this program!

  15. Holly says

    Whether I win or not, we are definitely using this program next year! Can’t wait to get started on the reading !

  16. Jennifer M says

    I can’t wait to receive my order of All About Reading Pre-reading program that I just ordered!

  17. Cheryl Baranski says

    The one thing that catches my eye the most on
    their website it 100% guarantee & lifetime support!

  18. Celena says

    I just started looking into homeschool curriculum for my little girl. I have seen nothing but positive remarks about this program!

  19. JC says

    We’ve been using AAS from this company for several years and absolutely LOVE IT! I’m now using the pre-reading program with my reluctant reader and he’s loving it. I tried level 1 but he just wasn’t ready. Ziggy Zebra is a big hit with my son because he’s a very active child and needs something fun to keep his attention. I highly recommend all of the curricula from All About Learning!

  20. Janet Belcher says

    My son could truly use this program. He has struggled to learn to read and still struggling. My heart breaks for him, but at this time we cannot afford to purchase AAR. Praying that God will provide for him.


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