101 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day (with links)

Even on vacation, rainy days happen but you can avoid the chorus of “Mom, I’m bored and pass the time with this long list of rainy day things-to-do.

Super long list of ideas to keep the kids busy on rainy days. Most of these rainy day activities are linked to the source to help with tutorials, printables, and more. Even better, you don't need anything fancy!

Most of these rainy day activities do not require any special equipment and I tried to link to tutorials, instructions, and printables where needed.

Here’s hoping that your next rainy day is a FUN rainy day.

Activities for a rainy day

  1. Fold a paper airplane
  2. Jump rope
  3. Build pom-pom/marshmallow shooters
  4. Set up a pretend cooking station
  5. Create an animal sounds obstacle course
  6. Make it rain in a glass
  7. Explore with magnets
  8. Indoor fishing
  9. Taste-test different colored grapes
  10. Learn to sew (for beginners)
  11. Have an indoor snow day
  12. Play Math Sorry
  13. Create newspaper play structures
  14. Read stories aloud with silly voices
  15. Put together a puzzle
  16. Set up a pretend ice cream scoop shop
  17. Make wooden spoon puppet people
  18. Bake chocolate chip banana bread
  19. Make a cat craft from paper plates
  20. Build a tent in the dining room
  21. Play dress-up
  22. Have a shaving cream car wash
  23. Stir up some homemade play dough
  24. Pull from the ETC Cup
  25. Repurpose kitchen utensils
  26. Create secret messages
  27. Build a cardboard castle and unit study
  28. Bake sun bread
  29. Have a face painting station
  30. Put toys on parade
  31. Complete some rainy day printables
  32. Make blown paint art
  33. Give them a DIY Find It game
  34. Bake cookies
  35. Create a summer memory book
  36. Make shadow puppets
  37. Taste-test apples of different varieties
  38. Listen to audiobooks
  39. Have a marble shoot
  40. Play a board game
  41. Create a cardboard box tunnel slide
  42. Finger paint with pudding
  43. Play a game of Dominoes
  44. Create faux stained glass
  45. Teach the kids to tap dance
  46. Play in a sensory bin
  47. Make salad spinner art
  48. Wrecking ball block play
  49. Complete a mosaic craft
  50. Play Doggy, Doggy Where’s Your Bone?
  51. Have a tea party
  52. Make a raining cloud craft
  53. Indoor balloon badminton
  54. Have a mini treasure hunt
  55. Taste test eggs in three different ways
  56. Make your own matching game
  57. Paint with marshmallows
  58. Do some lacing and weaving activities
  59. Use kitchen tools to make music
  60. Play a math dice game
  61. Decorate a 100’s chart
  62. Create a family timeline
  63. Host a video game tournament
  64. Have a marble track race
  65. Connect the dots
  66. Play stair ball
  67. Go on an indoor Pirate Scavenger Hunt
  68. Color masking tape letters
  69. Create monsters
  70. Play in a cardboard box
  71. Work a maze
  72. Marble painting
  73. Play a spider web game
  74. Make a texture runway
  75. Decorate paper plate watermelons
  76. Skip count by tens
  77. Jump on an indoor trampoline
  78. Have baking soda and vinegar experiments
  79. Play with gel water beads
  80. Pop popcorn on the stove top
  81. Create a themed bubble bath
  82. Set up a Nerf shooting range
  83. Make and record rain sounds
  84. Design your own robot
  85. Listen to classical music
  86. Pretend you at the beach
  87. Make a fruity cereal rainbow
  88. Play a file folder game
  89. Bake rainy day cupcakes
  90. Play with shredded newspaper
  91. Make muffin tin crayons
  92. Make your own coloring book
  93. Play with window clings
  94. Make a seaside windchime
  95. Eat dirt
  96. Play rock, paper, scissors
  97. Have a “long and short” lunch
  98. Stuff homeless blessing bags
  99. Learn about primary colors
  100. Watch an interactive movie
  101. Decorate a zebra

What does your family do on a rainy day?

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    Great list! I think we will work our way through each starting from the top. :) Thank you for spending the time to put this list together, it will be super helpful on rainy days.


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