2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum

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Choosing curriculum for Franc is a bit of a challenge. He is gifted and has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. According to our local school system, he should be entering the 1st grade, but I have him entering the 2nd grade. I don’t want to push him faster than he needs to go, but at the same time, I want him to be challenged. So, for his math, he is entering 3rd grade.

Really great 2nd grade homeschool curriculum suggestions. These are some of my favorite homeschool curriculum companies. They make learning fun for the parent AND the child.

Yeah, it confuses me too. So, for the sake of this post, let’s say these selections are for 2nd grade homeschool curriculum and you can adjust my recommendations as needed to fit your child.

2nd Grade Language Arts Curriculum


Because of my love for All About Learning Press and the success we had this past year with All About Reading, Franc will continue his studies and work through All About Reading Level 2.


2nd Grade Reading Homeschool Curriculum

Since All About Learning was such a blessing for our family, we are introducing All About Spelling Level 1. Don’t think we are stepping backwards. You are actually supposed to start All About Spelling Level 1 as you are beginning All About Reading Level 2.

If that still makes you nervous, I find a great deal of peace knowing that they have a money-back guarantee and lifetime support if I run into trouble.

Creative Writing

Creative writing homeschool curriculum for 1st or 2nd grade.

While it might be too early to start Franc on a path towards authorship, but I feel like I waited too late with Lira. Regardless, WriteShop has age-appropriate writing curriculum beginning with kindergarten (Level A) that is even helpful for pre-writers. Since I think – notice that I said THINK – he will progress through Level A quickly, I am also prepared with Level B.

The reproducible Activity Set Worksheet Packs make this curriculum interactive and fun. Should be perfect for engaging his active body and brain.

2nd Grade Math Curriculum

2nd Grade homeschool math curriculum for advanced and gifted children.

As Lira has been working through Teaching Textbooks 3, Franc has been standing behind her answering the questions. Honestly, my efforts to teach him math has always ended with frustration so somewhere about November 2012, I gave up. However, his skills with mathematics has grown tremendously just from daily activities and learning adventures… and video games. Yes, I will admit that Super Mario has taught my son to add and subtract. Crazy, right? But somewhere among the world where Bowzer is always trying to capture Princess Peach, Franc learned how to skip count, add large numbers, subtract… amazing.

So, now I am going to channel his love for games and math by allowing him to try Teaching Textbooks 3 for himself.

2nd Grade History & Science Curriculum

Mystery of History

4th grade homeschool history curriculum

We just started Mystery of History and plan to continue through the book. I love the “open and go” aspect as well as the hands-on applications. To help supplement the book, I will also be using the Mystery of History Volume 1 — Coloring Pages (Download) and the The Mystery of History Volume 1 Second Edition, Audio Book Set (10 Audio CDs)

Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space

4th grade homeschool science curriculum

I recently reviewed this science curriculum from Bright Ideas Press and love that Christian Kids Explore is easy to use (like Mystery of History) and does not require a tremendous amount of planning.

2nd Grade Homeschool Electives

Not only will we be meeting for additional studies at our homeschool co-op each week, but we will also be working through the following studies:

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  1. Keri says

    Great Choices! I have heard good thing about Teaching textbooks.
    I wouldn’t worry about the grade variance. To be honest, my kids are also in different grades. My daughter asked me once what she should tell people when they ask what Grade she is in. I just say, tell them you Homeschool & we Learn as we go, not by age or Grade.
    At the moment, my Daughter is 11 yrs and is finishing up 6th Grade Science. Since we do “Story of the World”, we do not have a Grade level for that. As far as Reading & Writing she is in the 6th Grade and doing 4th Grade Math and Grammar.
    My Son is 6 yrs and is finishing up Kindergarten, but he like listening while his sister does her Science and listens while we read Story of the World.
    As far as Curriculum, we use T4L (http://www.time4learning.com/). I like it because it is Online and I can adjust the kids Grade, as needed, per subject. We also do Unit Studies and I buy those School Zone books for extra seat work and reinforcement. We also like S4U ( http://www.science4us.com/ ).

  2. says

    Why is it that ‘gifted’ and ‘adhd’ often come together? Crazy, but I’m sure you have a dynamite little guy there, ready for a new school year!
    I’ve heard good things about WriteShop, but have not used it. I also have waited too long with my children, so we are stepping it up this year as well.


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