Early Readers Game – Brainzy $1.99/Month

education.comBrainzy is an online, game-based program by Education.com that helps early readers practice the skills teachers say are most important. The goal is to integrate serious learning and serious fun to produce serious outcomes.

  1. Serious Learning
    • Unlimited access to dozens of games, stories, and activities.
    • Learning through play helps cement a lifelong love of reading.
    • Our skill looping methodology helps kids develop real mastery.
  2. Serious Fun
    • Kids love our playful world of fun characters and discovery.
    • Unique puzzle-piece reward system keeps players motivated.
    • Brainzy is ad-free and safe for kids.
  3. Serious Outcomes
    • Early readers get critical practice in the most essential skills.
    • Game based approach improves retention & boosts confidence.
    • Parents track progress through a personalized dashboard.


There is currently a 50% Discount on the annual pricing, making Brainzy only $1.99/month instead of the normal $3.99/month!

This special pricing is only available for a limited time, and the pricing will increase soon, so don’t miss out! 

Brainzy currently contains games for kindergarten based students, but will roll out additional grades in the near future – users that sign up today will get all the benefits of the full product soon, but at the discounted price!  Create profiles for up to 3 children, in multiple grades.  Get Brainzy for 50% off now!

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