Summer Activities for Kids Without a Dime

Summer time can be exciting for children but it can also be boring… and frustrating for parents, especially when there is no money available for extra activities. However, you can be prepared for those long summer afternoons and the onslaught of “I’m bored” echoes with any of these amazing activities that boost summer learning without a dime.

Wow! 100 free summer activities, 20+ free printable packs, 10+ summer reading programs, online games, and much more.


Summer Learning Activities

  1. Have an Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt
  2. Attend a free summer movie
  3. Cook s’mores in a solar oven
  4. Hunt for bugs with a magnifying glass
  5. Make Mod Podged Yo-Yos
  6. Paint sea shells
  7. Make a Juice Container Bird House
  8. Race soap boats
  9. Build a fort
  10. Go geocaching
  11. Gather a Summer activity bag
  12. Go on a treasure hunt in the backyard
  13. Set up a kids art station
  14. Shake up some ice cream in a bag
  15. Visit a U-Pick Farm
  16. Play with Giant Pick-up Sticks
  17. Make water sponge bombs
  18. Create a Beach in a Bottle
  19. Attend a church’s Vacation Bible School
  20. Mix up some Bouncing Bubbles
  21. String together Button Necklaces
  22. Visit a national park
  23. Construct a Recycled Ladybug Jar
  24. Visit the library
  25. Make Styrofoam Spiders
  26. Hike or bike a trail
  27. Cool off with Ice Excavating
  28. Build play structures from newspaper
  29. Create Popsicle Bracelets
  30. Listen to free online storytime in multiple languages
  31. Create Sea Creature Sand Castle Cans
  32. Play with Bottle Cap Checkers
  33. Make a DIY Suncatcher
  34. Host a Drive-In Movie
  35. Use Kid Made Superhero Masks
  36. Construct a Tin Foil River
  37. Have fun with DIY String Art for Kids
  38. Build Simple Toy Catapults
  39. Make Wood Slice Necklaces
  40. Blow bubble snakes
  41. Create Leaf Imprints and Water Color
  42. Invite friends over for water games
  43. Build a backyard waterpark (supplies needed)
  44. Make a Stick Bug
  45. Construct a Magnetic Marble Run
  46. Create Paper Plate Sand Dollars
  47. Recycle crayons with the sun
  48. Create a Driveway Shape Maze
  49. Turn Matchbox Cars into Airplanes
  50. Get artistic with Sharpie Tie-Dye Shirts
  51. Make Butterfly Nectar
  52. Put together a DIY Kiddie Car Wash
  53. Make Your Own Mini Summer Pinwheels
  54. Make homemade silly putty
  55. Picnic
  56. Paint the yard for DIY Lawn Twister
  57. Create a Backyard Race Track
  58. Make a News Paper Shirt
  59. Listen to an audio book
  60. Create a Water Melon Sun Catcher
  61. DIY Slip & Slide from Little Hands Big Work
  62. Build a Paper Kite
  63. String up some Water Balloon Pinatas
  64. Have a talent show
  65. Build Your Own Zipline
  66. Play hide and seek
  67. Wash the car (or bike)
  68. Mix up Shaving Cream Finger Paint
  69. Go to the park
  70. Make Magnetic Bug Jars
  71. Stack Cups
  72. Build Your Own Sprinkler
  73. Set up a Potion Lab
  74. Play frisbee
  75. Host a Water Relay Race
  76. Wash the windows with water
  77. Stir together some Cloud Dough
  78. Paint with Water
  79. Blow paint
  80. Learn to play marbles
  81. Have Batting Practice with Water Balloons
  82. Make Tin Can Stilts
  83. Play Splash Volleyball
  84. Hopscotch
  85. Set up a domino run
  86. Mix up some Homemade Chalk
  87. Outdoor Color Match
  88. Visit a splash pad or neighborhood pool
  89. Go on a Neighborhood Treasure Hunt
  90. Cool off with Ice Painting
  91. Build a fort
  92. Play Outside Tic-Tac-Toe
  93. Have fun with DIY Spray Chalk
  94. Play the Ice Cream Game With Shaving Cream and Ice
  95. Make Watermelon Prints
  96. Camp in the Backyard
  97. Color like Van Gogh
  98. Learn to do a new chore
  99. Find and identify seashells
  100. Make homemade popsicles

Free Online Games and Interactives

Free Summer-Themed Printables

Summer Reading Programs

Free Summer Camps and Workshops

  • Apple Camp – kids ages 8-12 learn how to shoot their own footage, create an original song in GarageBand on an iPad, and put it all together in iMovie on a Mac
  • Lowes Build & Grow Clinics – kids construct a wooden project and also receive a free apron, goggles, and more
  • Home Depot Kids Workshops – workshops for kids of all ages
  • Bass Pro Shop Camps – fun activities like fishing in a catch pond

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Educational summer toys to help avoid the summer slide
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