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Hey Subscribers! I have a new freebie for you in June, and it’s exciting because I am sharing my first audio lesson.

Great audio about saving money on groceries! Free through June 30th for subscribers or buy it for just $0.99.

If you are a subscriber of Meet Penny, next time you get an update you should scroll to the bottom and find the link to download this audio lesson for transforming your grocery budget.

On this MP3, you will hear how our family drastically cut our grocery budget and all the tips and tricks we used to save tremendously on food, personal, and household supplies.

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Transform Your Grocery Bill MP3
Hear how our family drastically cut our grocery budget and the tips we used for saving hundreds on food, personal, and household supplies. Approximately 60 minutes. MP3 format
Price: $1.99
Price: $0.99
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Premium Membership
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What people are saying

To be honest, I listened to the file kind of skeptically. I’ve taken a coupon class, delved into multiple websites, and thought that I had probably been exposed to it already, but as Stephen Covey said you have “sharpen your sword” and I was intrigued. WOW! thank you so much for doing that.

The biggest change in my life was your mentioning of the Amazon Subscribe and Save program, its actually something I had tried before (to get a product that was difficult to find in my area, but after 3 years ago it was discontinued from the program and I forgot about the service). I perused the items and set up a schedule that not only saves me money, but time and stress.

I, like most moms, have been trying to do it all, berating myself for any shortcuts I take (for e.g. housekeeper) as though it makes me less of a mom. This is the ultimate in freeing up time for me to give to my family. Thank you for the reminder, and the time you took to create it.

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  1. Lynn Prucha says

    Hello Penny!! I can’t wait to hear this!! I’m having trouble accessing it though- am I missing something? I am already a subscriber but I can’t seem to access it any direction would be much appreciated!!

  2. Thankful for God's Grace says

    Hi! I’m a new subscriber and would be very interested in listening to this audio. I checked the latest email from you and did not see a link…is is possible to email it to me? Thank you and God bless!


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