Using Doctor Who in Your Homeschool

Are you a fan of the Doctor? Dr. Who? Exactly! If you have been looking for ways to use Doctor Who in your homeschool Meagan from More Than A Coupon Queen is guest posting today with some great activities and ideas.

Do you hear the words Allon-sy, Geronimo, and Fantastic all the time in your house? Are jelly babies on short order? Does the sound of the T.A.R.D.I.S. echo from your living room? If so you might be the parent of a Whovian. (Who am I kidding? You might be a whovian yourself.)

 Whovians! Are you using Dr. Who to theme your homeschool lessons? Ideas for using Dr. Who in your homeschool

Because Doctor Who quickly turns from a show to a minor (major) addiction it is probably good to find some educational value in it. I have good news for you. You can use Doctor Who to teach your children.

Ways to Homeschool with Dr. Who


Why is Science first? It happens to be my favorite subject. The Science of Doctor Who is a fun subject to cover with your student. You can touch on anything from the possibility of time travel to the practicality of an instant translator that would rival the T.A.R.D.I.S. Looking at each episode will lend you the freedom to ask, “could this be possible,” and “what would it take to invent this?”


Have you ever tried calculating The Doctor’s age? Let’s be honest, that alone takes a good bit of Math. You can also have some timey wimey fun with telling time. I suggest telling your child to imagine The Doctor has lost track of time and needs your help to know when he has arrived.

Creative Writing

Because Doctor Who is such an open ended show you could easily have your child write you a story based on Doctor Who. Some ideas could include, “You step off the T.A.R.D.I.S. Where are you and what species do you encounter?, You are The Doctor’s companion and he has left you in peril again. How will you get free? Write an alternative ending for your favorite episode.” The possibilities are truly endless here.


Because The Doctor travel through time it would be easy to use Doctor Who to work on History. You could pick an episode like Pompeii or the “Are You My Mummy?” episode and spot the Historical errors. Spend some time researching what was accurate and what was expanded upon for the sake of the show. I didn’t know half of what I know now about the London Blitz.


After you finish crying like a baby (is it just me) over the Vincent Van Gogh episode, take some time to research Vincent Van Gogh. Look into his paintings. Study his works. You may never look at them the same again but it may peak the interest of a young Whovian because they can tie it to a favorite show.


Let’s be honest here. If The Doctor chose you as a companion, could you keep up? Challenge your student to run as if a dalek were pursuing him, climb stairs as if the cyber men were coming, and do chin ups as if they were trying to avoid being pulled into an alternative dimension.

Home Economics

Have you ever tried to make a cosplay costume? Between the sewing, frugal shopping to find pieces of the outfit, and cleaning/upkeep of it you will teach some valuable lessons. You can also make a souffle in honor of Clara.

I know this doesn’t begin to list all the options. Educating with Doctor Who is kind of like the T.A.R.D.I.S., bigger on the inside.
Meagan, resident Whovian and owner of at More Than A Coupon Queen
Meagan blogs at More Than A Coupon Queen. She enjoys homeschooling her two children. She loves Science and hosts a weekly Geeky Educational Link Up so that people can find education with a Geeky twist.She is also very frugal and shares tips to save you money on the things you need so you can afford the things you want.
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  1. says

    I think this is a really cool idea. I love it. I have lots of friends that would totally try this.
    I would only suggest that you write out Doctor Who.

  2. Miche Sullivan says

    My daughter and I share a love of the Doctor. We laugh. We cry. We quote. When we go on field trips to museums or anywhere we can always find something to tie in to a Doctor Who episode.

    It’s nice to see that we aren’t the only homeschooling Whovians!

  3. Melody Pond says

    As an ultimate Whovian (I have three doctor who tattoos. Permanently on my body) contemplating homeschooling, I love this. My three kids have watched it from 2005, when my oldest was one, and the Doctor has a special place in our lives. This is just brilliant….. Fantastic. Thank you!

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