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In 2009, Tabitha Philen and her husband, Shane, felt trapped in a dark pit of financial problems. Being challenged by a financial adviser, Tabitha began to seek a way to cut her family’s grocery bill to allow room in their one income budget to pay down debt.  She discovered that when combining coupons with sales prices and buying in quantities to build a stockpile large enough to last until the next sales cycle, her grocery expense on each trip to the store was lowered by 50% to 90%.

How “Penny” Got Her Name

Since her coupon binder was saving them so much money, it was added as an official member of the family and her husband named the notebook “Penny.” Each time Tabitha saved big, she would share her deals with friends and family on Facebook.

couponing blog

In 2010, Tabitha wanted to be able to share her shopping trips and tips in more detail and launched a couponing website, A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned. She began writing as if her coupon binder was the author, signing everything as “Penny.” The website grew quickly and her readers assumed that “Penny” was her name. The name became so popular with her readers that Tabitha gave her family pseudo-names related to money too, referring to her husband as Bill and their children as Lira (Italy), Franc (France), Ruble (Russia) and Ariary (Madagascar).

Sharing Our Homeschool Lifestyle

homeschooling blog

When the family began homeschooling in 2010, Tabitha decided to publish the details of the family’s school at another blog, Growing Up Homeschooled. Through that website, she provided everything from detailed accounts of her lesson plans (for children second grade and under) to creative solutions for schooling a child with special needs.

Everything Comes Together

As the details of her day increased, Tabitha found that life was out of balance. Blogging while homeschooling and managing her home was becoming more difficult and there was still so much more that she wanted to share with her readers. So, in January 2012, Tabitha combined her two websites into one, Meet Penny. At this new comprehensive website, she is able to write about frugal living and homeschooling as well as Autism, cooking, entertaining, and more.

Although her family is her primary ministry, Tabitha firmly believes that God has placed her in the position as a blogger to share her life experiences, especially the mistakes she has made, in order to help others avoid those pitfalls. She says, “With knowledge comes great responsibility.” Her hope is to be an encouragement to other families who may be facing similar situations.

Tabitha is proud to be the owner of the Inspired Bloggers Network. She resides in Mobile, Alabama with her husband and their four children (ages eight years old and under). She also serves as a freelance writer, having written articles for ParentLife Magazine, Bay Area Christian Family Magazine, Essential Woman Magazine, and Home Educating Family, and is available for speaking engagements or workshops.

You can learn more about her on Tabitha’s personal webpage.

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