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Free Preschool Workbook

YES! Free printable preschool workbook, but only free until 9/15!

Today’s fabulous freebie is courtesy of Sheri Graham and especially for your preschooler. You can download a free preschool workbook, Learning for the Littles, just by putting your information into the form below. What’s in the Preschool Workbook? Learning for the Littles, valued at $13.00, contains over 200 pages of educational fun! Your preschooler will learn […]

10 Free Ways to Show that #BeingKindCounts

A list of easy ways to show kindness to others that will not cost you a dime. #BeingKindCounts

While we live a lifestyle that I pray shows God’s grace to others, I know that many people to show kindness because their finances are tight. However, being kind to others doesn’t have to cost you anything. Bag your own groceries at the grocery store. Leave coupons by the items you do not plan to […]

Free Manatee Wildlife Adventure Unit Study (Giveaway)


This week: Wildlife Adventures Wildlife Adventures by Adventures In ChildRearing is composed of weekly unit studies covering bible, handwriting (cursive & print), spelling, science, history, geography and more. They are designed for multiple ages so the whole family can enjoy learning together. Each creation based unit focuses on a different animal and incorporates games, puzzles, […]

How to Save Money on Data Plans #ItsANewDayForData

Two great tips for how you can save money on the family's data plan. #ItsANewDayForData

This post brought to you by Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine. So many of our friends have children who are beginning to drive or are in other situations where they need to have cell phones. The price of data plans can be a nightmare, but if your family has a similar need and you […]

Free Spanish Curriculum for Homeschool

Complete Level 1 Spanish Curriculum - Free until 9/8!

NEW! Whoop! Whoop! I know you love a great freebie, so here we go… Today, I am happy to be teaming with Brookdale House to offer you a complete, level one Spanish curriculum that would be perfect for your homeschool! The Fun Spanish, valued at $14.95, includes enough lessons to last an entire semester, or stretch the […]

Bentos, Bags and Boxes – Healthy Snack and Lunch Ideas for Kids

FREE for a limited time! Over 100 healthy snack and lunch ideas so you can be a Super Mom in a hurry.

Busy moms want to look like they have it all together even if they don’t. Or is that just me? And when mealtimes roll around and the children are whining, “I’m hungry! I’m hungry!” it can be hard to make healthy decisions. Or is that just me again? Today, I am excited to announce my newest […]