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Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow Unit Study

A fun unit study based on Do You Know Which One Will Grow

When we first discovered Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow, we were in love. It was a building block award nominee a couple years ago and was definitely one of our favorites on the list. Do You Know Which One Will Grow takes your child through a series of questions asking if certain things […]

Little House on the Prairie Literature Unit Study

Great ideas for having a Little House on the Prairie Unit Study either in your co-op or home.

Literature Studies are fun to do and can be done in a family setting or in a group setting. Our homeschool group has completed multiple literature studies. We started with American Girl, and decided this past fall to expand our literature studies to include preschoolers and boys. We decided to focus on the Little House […]

Alice in Wonderland Literature Unit Study

Alice in Wonderland Unit Study with free printable pack

This Alice in Wonderland unit study is a great way to help kids develop an interest in classic children’s literature! The book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll is a very popular kids’ novel and with good reason. Within the story, Alice goes on so many adventures that it’s hard to keep track of them […]

Uncle Wiggily’s Story Book Unit Activities and Printables

Uncle Wiggily Unit Activities and FREE Printables

Uncle Wiggily is a classic American character in children’s literature. Written by Howard Garis, volumes of short stories featuring the “bunny rabbit gentlemen” have delighted kids for generations. Some collections are available in the public domain. One of the books still in print is Uncle Wiggily’s Story Book. This is the book we know and […]

Win a Le Creuset Dutch Oven and $100 Walmart Gift Card

Enter for a chance to win a Le Creuset Dutch Oven and $100 Walmart Gift Card. Ends November 2nd! #InspiredBN

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love just pausing and considering the blessings of the past year or more, being surrounded by family and friends, and just giving and receiving love. During this season of Thanksgiving, the Inspired Bloggers Network is full of gratitude for our readers. Without the faithful support of those […]

EXPIRED Autumn Joyous Home Journal

FREE Autumn Joyous Home Journal full of fun projects for Fall.

Enjoy a variety of autumn fun for FREE, courtesy of Joyous Home! The Autumn Joyous Home Journal is filled with a nice mix of recipes, articles and homemaking fun. Enjoy a Pumpkin Tea, make a Pumpkin Vine Whistle, embroider autumn napkins. There is a little of something for everyone here! Be sure to see the special […]

Censored by the FDA

Essential Oils are not FDA approved.

With great regret, I must remove the testimonials of our family’s use of essential oils from the blog. Despite the fact that our family has seen “health support” while using alternative therapies, the FDA is placing a tight muzzle on what I can say. (Even that sentence was edited to be more FDA-friendly.) They say that personal […]

Roadwork by Sally Sutton Unit Activities and Printables

Great activities to go with the book "Roadwork." Includes free printables.

Construction lovers of all ages will love this fun unit study based on the book, Roadwork by Sally Sutton. Written as poem with vivid imagery and lots of onomatopoeia (words that make the sounds they represent) the book captured the imagination of my boys immediately and has been read over and over in our home. Here are […]