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How to Build Your Own Bundle


**Build Your Own Bundle Update! Now, when you buy 2 pre-assembled or 2 Build Your Own Bundles, you will get a third bundle for FREE! If you have already purchased two bundles and qualify for the free offer, you will be receiving an email with a code to help you get your free bundle.** I had […]

Amazing Homeschool Curriculum Sale


Holy guacamole! The Build Your Own Bundle Sale is finally here and there are so many ways to save available that it might just overwhelm you. But, before you click away and think, “I just don’t have the brain-power to figure it out,” I recommend you do the following: Take a brief look at each […]

Breaking the Pacifier Habit: 5 Ways to Say Bye Bye Binkie

Smart ways to break the pacifier habit. I bet number five would work for ANY child.

When Lira was born, I was terrified to give her a pacifier. My head was filled with words like “nipple confusion,” but she was a non-stop nurser… and I do mean NON STOP. So, at the doctor’s urging – cut me some slack because I was a first time mom and thought the doctor knew […]

Castle Unit Study Resources

Castle unit study resources. Cute idea to paint a cardboard castle.

On one summer afternoon when my children were bored, I thought I would guide my children to decorate a cardboard castle that I had made from leftover shipping boxes. Taking two large boxes and cutting them down into castle shapes, I made windows and outlined the drawbridge. All was well until I handed markers to the […]

Tips for Homeschool Curriculum on a Budget

10 GREAT ideas... I love number 9!

 I remember drooling profusely over the box of science curriculum. It had all the bells and whistles, an all-inclusive pack complete with the items for experiments and comprehensive lesson plans… to the tune of $300. Egads! That was more than I wanted to spend on the total of all of our homeschool curriculum for the […]

Art Curriculum for Homeschool Giveaway


Need art curriculum for homeschool? You are going to love the giveaway and freebies available from this week’s featured giveaway sponsored – See the Light Art Curriculum! Winner will receive popular homeschool art curriculum including Shipwrecked Deluxe Gift Set , Sunflowers Art Projects, and Sunflowers Unit Study Shipwrecked Deluxe Gift Set Set includes 260 minute […]

Where to Find Free Homeschool Curriculum

A list of about ten different places where you can find free homeschool curriculum!

I am beginning to think that I am a homeschool curriculum addict since I have a growing collection of digital files and books, but how can I resist when I can find great deals and even get free homeschool curriculum? First of all, I have to say that homeschool curriculum is an investment into your child’s […]