The decision to homeschool comes about differently for every family. While we knew that our children would never attend public middle school, we had no idea that homeschooling would become a part of our family while our firstborn child, Lira, was still in kindergarten.

How we decided to homeschool

Lira has an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified. Fancy words to say that she is brilliant with an IQ of superior ranking but she does not know how to process all of that intelligence. She practices some self-stimulating behaviors like running back and forth and flapping her hands in her hair. Her language is precise and she loves routine.

The summer leading up to kindergarten, I prayed that Lira would be placed with the perfect teacher for her temperament. God answered that prayer. What I failed to pray for was a Special Education Teacher who would serve Lira in a way that would help her grow in that environment. Three-fourths through the school year, I began hearing whispers that the SpecEd wanted to drop Lira from the program. Curious since the SpecEd never spent any one-on-one time with Lira.

About the same time, Lira’s kindergarten teacher noticed an increase in Lira’s self-stimming behaviors. She was also coming home mimicking the bad behaviors of other students and she was sick a lot. The school nurse suggested we pull her out of school since her absences were about to cause legal problems for us and she was only 6 years old. (Alabama state law does not require children under the age of 7 years to attend school.) After some prayer, we followed the nurse’s advice.

Homeschooling one day at a time

Now, we homeschool all of our children. We teach on a year-to-year basis, never committing to more than one year at a time. Of course, I cannot foresee any reason why any of our children would rejoin the public schools but neither can I foresee all that God has planned.

If you are considering homeschool, I pray God would make His will clear to you. Seek the Lord and He will show you what He desires for your family. And, of the utmost importance, be on the same page with your spouse. This is such a stressful commitment. You need to make sure you agree on the necessity for homeschooling before you begin.

If at any time you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Getting started homeschooling?

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