Our Curriculum

After much prayer and research… and a little help from HomeEd Expert… we made our homeschool curriculum selections for the 2012-2013 school year.

3rd Grade ~ Lira

Lira is eight years old and is diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, PDD-NOS. Her IQ is ranked as superior, but she struggles to process information. She is very literal and has kinesthetic tendencies.

Her favorite subject is math but she is growing to love reading although we have a lot of work to do on comprehension. She had a fine motor delay and struggles with handwriting.

3rd Grade Curriculum Selections

Field Trips & Extracurricular Studies


 1st Grade ~ Franc

Franc is five years old and would be starting Kindergarten this year if he was in public school. However, he is extremely bright and has mastered the alphabet and beginner math. Franc has also learned to read some simple words.

Franc shows ADD tendencies but we have not pursued testing. He is very inquisitive and emotional.

1st Grade Curriculum Selections

Field Trips & Extracurricular Studies

Preschooler ~ Ruble

At three years old, Ruble already knows his colors and shapes.  Our focus this year will be the alphabet (letter recognition and sounds) as well as beginning numbers.

Ruble is tall for his age and very strong. He is 100% boy and sees to always be finding mischief… with a smile on his face.

Preschool Curriculum Selections: Various hands-on learning activities & printables


 Little Learner ~ Ariary

When we begin this homeschool year, Ariary will be 16 months old. She loves to mimic her brothers and sisters so her homeschool experience will involve learning to scribble and lots of textures, sounds, and tastes.

Little Learner Curriculum Selections: Observation & Various hands-on learning activities


Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with the names of your children?

Actually, our children go by pseudo-names here on the blog for their protection. Since I am known as Penny and my husband is known as Bill, a reader suggested that I name them after foreign currency. After a little research, we were able to select their names and I love them. It was such a great idea!

How do you pick your curriculum?

This year, I used a lot of prayer and Home Ed Expert for the majority of my selections. Home Ed Expert really helped me narrow down the choices.

Why don’t you make up your own curriculum?

I tried that and realized that purchasing curriculum was actually an investment in my sanity. However, if you are thinking about creating your own curriculum, I highly recommend the book, Home Learning Year by Year.

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