Are you looking for fun things to do with kids in the summertime? Here are 7 summer playdate ideas you’ll love.

7 Fun Summer Playdate Ideas for Kids

This weekend we saw the first signs of spring, and you know what it made me think of? All the fun things we’ll get to do in the warmer weather! My kids and I love to get outside and play every chance possible. We love to host playdates year round, but by far my favorite […]

Wonderful ideas to get the family involved with meal prep. Make freezer cooking easier!

Family Meal Prep Day: 20 Ways to Make It Happen (Plus A Free Planning Sheet)

  This post may contain affiliate links. No doubt that you’ve heard the merits of having pre-assembled meals (otherwise known as “freezer meals”) on hand. I can honestly say freezer meals top the list of things that save my homeschooling mom sanity! For a while, I made these wonderful bulk meals all by myself. Which […]

Great ideas for packing a Cinderella-themed Easter Basket... and none of these cost a fortune.

Cinderella-Themed Easter Basket

Do you have a little princess fascinated with Cinderella? Has the beautiful lady in blue with the glass slippers captivated your child? I have ideas for a Cinderella-themed Easter basket that will thrill her long past midnight. Cinderella Toys The size of the toys will definitely be defined by the size of the basket, but […]

Love creating a little mischief on St Patrick's Day

Leprechaun Trap Ideas and Mischief to Amuse the Kids

For Saint Patrick’s Day, mix up some green paint, toss in some leprechaun traps ideas, and add a dash of humor for one of the most lasting memories your children will have. Legend states that leprechauns are mischievous fairies in Ireland who are typically male and wear either a red or green coat. Leprechauns live […]

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Such a simple homeschool science experiment. Virtually NO prep required.

An Amazing Home School Science Experiment

As a former public school science teacher, the opportunity homeschoolers have to work with their children in a small, flexible situation makes me jealous. Homeschoolers have the opportunity to do Amazing science experiments! Even if science is not your strong point, you can do an Amazing Home School Science Experiment without any preplanning or even […]

CUTE DIY stenciled St Patrick's Day tshirt for the kids (to help) make

Stenciled St Patricks Day Shamrock Tshirt for Kids

Today, I am happy to introduce Amanda from The Refurbished Home because I am NOT a crafty person and SHE IS! Check out this adorable DIY Stenciled St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt idea… My son and I love doing projects together, and one day, while wandering on Pinterest, we fell in love with this heart stamped tote from […]

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