Kindergarten Workboxes: Week Three (Letters G, H, I)

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Franc loves school. He even asks for it over the weekend, but Mommy needs to get other stuff done sometimes.

Here are some of the workbox activities he did this week:

G is for Giraffe

This was such a cute idea from Mrs. Lee’s Kinder Kids, but I could not find the printable. So, I created my own, used the Do A Dots to add spots, laminated the pages, and then cut them in half.

Other activities for the Letter G:

H is for House

I saw a lot of houses made from construction paper floating around the internet but I wanted one made from felt so Franc could use it with our flannel boards. So, I just cut some simple shapes and a big letter H and let Franc use his imagination.

Other activities for the Letter H:

I is for Ice Cream

Ice cream patterning was not my idea but I loved it. So, I used the shape to make an ice cream patterning game. Franc would have to figure out how to make a pattern when I would place my ice cream order. “I would like two scoops of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, please.”

Other activities for the Letter I:

Free printables for you ~

Looking for even more ideas? Follow me on Pinterest.

What are you doing the the letters G, H, and I?

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