Kindergarten Workboxes: Week Three (Letters G, H, I)

Franc loves school. He even asks for it over the weekend, but Mommy needs to get other stuff done sometimes.

Printable giraffes spots, H is for house, and ice cream cone patterns

Here are some of the workbox activities he did this week:

G is for Giraffe

This was such a cute idea from Mrs. Lee’s Kinder Kids, but I could not find the printable. So, I created my own, used the Do A Dots to add spots, laminated the pages, and then cut them in half.

Other activities for the Letter G:

H is for House

I saw a lot of houses made from construction paper floating around the internet but I wanted one made from felt so Franc could use it with our flannel boards. So, I just cut some simple shapes and a big letter H and let Franc use his imagination.

Other activities for the Letter H:

I is for Ice Cream

Ice cream patterning was not my idea but I loved it. So, I used the shape to make an ice cream patterning game. Franc would have to figure out how to make a pattern when I would place my ice cream order. “I would like two scoops of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, please.”

Other activities for the Letter I:

Free printables for you ~

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What are you doing the the letters G, H, and I?


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